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Chapter Two: Old Friends, Older Enemies

Hyrule field was now restored, the reconstruction finally completed after the battle with Hell Modeus over a decade ago. The crystal clear water that emptied out into the stream was once again constantly flowing, the lake Hylia again full. The wall in front of Kakariko had been rebuilt, and the massive crevice in the earth had been sealed, but not with ease. Because of the hard work his army had been through, Jet was especially quick to act when a threat entered the field. He had no idea what could possibly be a threat at this time, but he knew one thing; he had to eliminate it.
Shinota, Gogetta, and Samson were with him, all ready for a battle. They were ready to fight physically, but mentally, even the children had a dark feeling. They stepped into the middle of the field, standing on the dirt path leading to the castle. The two children were frightened by what faced them, but the two elder warriors were in disbelief.
“What is wrong, your highness? You look as if you have seen a ghost. Does my presence still surprise you that much?” Ganon asked, armor gleaming in the sunlight.
“Ganon, you made a grave mistake showing your face above ground,” Jet warned, unsheathing his Royal Family’s sword. The other three followed.
“Hmm….very well then. You had the chance to simply offer the children to me….but now it looks as though I shall have to kill all four of you,” Ganon said in his usual overconfident tone. The four rushed forward, each attacking Ganon with their blades. He blocked each attack with ease, kicking Gogetta and punching Shinota in the face. Samson stabbed the King of Evil in the back of the leg, and he fell to one knee. Whipping his arm around quickly, he grabbed the child and slammed him down upon his knee, then threw him to the side.
Jet attacked Ganon quicker and quicker with his blade, wanting to end the fight quickly. He spun around, bringing the blade down upon Ganon’s shoulder. It was a small cut, but it was a start.
“Why, your highness, how can this be a fair fight? I have not had time to draw my blade,” Ganon said with a smile. He charged a large amount of dark energy into his hands, grey clouds surrounding the field, all energy drawn to him. A long, black blade of energy extended from his hands. Jet slashed at the King of Evil’s throat, but he parried the blast with his Black blade. The Royal Family’s sword flew from his hand.
“Tetraforce Power!!!” Jet yelled, the golden light blasting into the King of Evil. He was hit head on, and flew to the ground.
“Agh….it takes two to tango….hya!!!! Triforce of Power!!!” Ganon yelled, charging the golden energy into his already powerful blade. Ganon kicked Jet to the ground, bringing his blade down hard. Jet just barely rolled out of the way, the blade making a smoking hole in the ground. Jet kicked the King of Evil in the chest as hard as he could, using the moment to get to his feet.
“Gotta help him you guys!” Shinota yelled. The children nodded, and ran with Shinota to face Ganon. The four again continued to their group attack, slashing and stabbing at the King of Evil from all angles.
“Fools!” Ganon yelled, placing both hands on his powered sword. He grinned, charging more energy into his sword. The blade exploded, golden light and dark matter knocking the four warriors several feet away from Ganon, sprawling to the ground.
“Ah! Temple Link Blast!!!” Shinota called out, trying his hand at the fight. The King of Evil was hit. He charged two balls of dark energy into his hands, purple electricity swarming around them. He launched both of them at Shinota, the attack leaving him bloody and smoking.
“Ahahahahaa…..heh heh heh heh,” a raspy voice laughed. Ganon turned slowly, and found himself facing Dregan, the dead warrior. He threw a spirit at the King of Evil, and it knocked him back slightly, long enough to allow Dregan to rush forward, ramming the mortal God with his shield, then stabbing him in the chest.
“Do you know nothing, ignorant fool?! The dead serve the living, not hinder them!!!!” Ganon yelled, placing his hands on Dregan’s head. He ripped the head from the neck, throwing it several feet away. Dregan’s body turned, looking frantically for the head. This gave Gogetta the chance he had wanted. He leapt up, stabbing Ganon in the back. Samson followed his lead. The King of Evil fell to his knees. He turned, grabbing the children and lifting them up in the air.
“Let them go!!!” Shinota yelled, transforming into a super saiya-jin. Jet followed his lead, becoming his saiya-jin counterpart, Gotet. The blades in his gloves extended, and he rushed forward, attacking the King of Evil. He aimed a punch to Ganon’s face. The mortal God grabbed quickly grabbed his hand, punching him in the face. Shinota slammed his fists into Ganon’s back, and he spun around, throwing the children.
“Spirit Ki!!!!” Shinota yelled, forming his hands in a circular motion, and launching a large orange blast of energy at Ganon. It hit the King of Evil, and he flew into Gotet’s waiting arms. The saiya-jin took to the air, then slammed the King of Evil into the ground with all of his force. Gotet stood slowly to examine Ganon in the hole he let in the ground, but to his shock, Ganon was not there.
Ganon punched the saiya-jin in the back, and he turned, slicing at Ganon’s chest. The blade cut him, and he grabbed Jet by the neck, slamming his head into the stone of the crater they were in. Gotet tripped Ganon, then slammed him into the ground as he fell. He stabbed the King of Evil in the chest, and Ganon shot a blast of Black magic at the saiya-jin. He left the crater with haste, eager to defeat the rest of them.
“No one does that to my friends!!!!” Shinota yelled, charging saiya-jin power into his Twin Diamond sword. He rushed at Ganon, stabbing at Ganon. He sidestepped, hitting Shinota in the back of the head. Shinota punched the King of Evil in the already bleeding chest, then spun his blade around, cutting the mortal God’s leg. Ganon backed away, charging his signature Black Hole attack. The five fireballs flew at Shinota, and he surrounded himself in a golden aura, each of them bouncing off.
The King of Evil rushed forward, kneeing Shinota in the chest. His saiya-jin powers ceased, and he fell to the ground, at the mercy of Ganon.
“Now…to be done with you,” Ganon said triumphantly. He raised his fist into the air, charging dark energy into it. Shinota closed his eyes, thinking of all of the things that were about to pass him by. His wife. His child. His friends. His kingdom. After several seconds, Shinota opened his eyes. The King of Evil had fallen to his knees, five arrows in his back, each glowing with a golden aura. These were sacred light arrows.
“Heh…looks like miracles can happen,” Shinota said.
“Keep an eye on your children…they are not invincible….meaning I can…….and will…..still….kill them,” Ganon said slowly, blood spilling from his mouth. He warped away using his Black magic without so much as another word.
“Gogetta, Samson, you guys all right?” Shinota asked as the children helped him to his feet.
“Yes,” Samson answered.
“Mhmm,” Gogetta agreed.
“Ah….the disadvantages of having weak bones…” Dregan said, his head finally reunited with his body. They all laughed for several seconds. Out of the rubble of the crater Jet emerged.
“Jet…someone saved me….I think it might have been Zelda. Ganon was shot with Light arrows,” Shinota said, breathing heavily. Jet examined the ground with a sigh. He picked up a broken arrow shaft.
“Did it look like this one?” Jet asked in regard to the arrows.
“Yeah,” Shinota answered.
“Those aren’t Zelda’s….they’re the kind that Link uses,” Jet said slowly.

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