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I woke up. Tony looked hot.(whoopsies i meant link) Link had hair that was very blond. I looked pretty(with my hari of black and pink at the very same time) (WOOT!) I went down to breakfast. Link was very hot then. I ate royal food. It was yum. I had delicious eggs, muffins, and more. Link came over and patted my head. He then kissed me and proposed at the exactly same time. I said maybe, then giggled. Zelda! Said my friend- Colleen. Yes. I said in return. Come. She said back to me. Fine. I replied quickly. I went out there. She was waiting with Epona to carry me off to a mystical land. I said. Yes! She said back to me very quickly after i had said, Yes! We leave now. I said Why must now? She said, again in a very long response. We...leave..NOW! I said. Why... must...NOW!. She replied agrily. We ...leave....NOW!!. I returned happily. Why.. Must...Link?! Link came up behind me. He patted my head. I jumped on him. He kissed. Back. We smiled. I smiled.He smiled. Colleen smiled. We left. I walked with Epona. I had a baby. It was half cow. Baby goes. WAAAH! Link smmiled. I smiled. Colleeen smiled. Then we went off to the mystical land on the horse. But Link didn't really fit, so we had to go to lon lon ranch to get another horse. We set off to the place. I got a horse named Equisstrey. Link rode that one. THen we went toward the mystical land. I smiled. He smiled. Coleen smiled.

Hey. says I. Bay. says I. Nay. Says I. NOW GO!. Link screamed. I screamed. Colleen blew up to many pices.Ganon attaked. He smiled. I screamed. Link Boomed. Gannn patted my head. He took triforce. HGe smiled. I smiled. Link smiled.
I married. Link. gannon loved wedding.. WoooT!

~*~*~*~*~The End!~*~*~*~*~*~

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