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A Ghost of the Past
*Disclaimer*Duh, Like I own Zelda/Nintendo. *Disclaimer*

During the time of the Imprisoning War a child was born from Zahra and Ver, named Link.
Zahra, Link’s mother was sent to war by order of the king.
Ver broke his leg in battle and could not go on. Hours later Zahra came home to rest her wounds.
But when she got to her home Ver was dead and link was on the floor in a blanket.
She picked up link and looked out the window angry Gerudos were coming to her house.
Because of this she could not rest. She ran to Kokiri Forest as fast as she could.
She tripped over a rock and was shot in the shoulder with an arrow.
When she got to the Great Deku Tree she set him down, and gave him to the forest, and said her
last words

“Link, make your people proud of you.”
As the last of her strength faded away, she died.

*** Ten Years Later…

Link was running around trying to catch the Kokiri in a game of tag. But there was another person, not living but a spirit. She sat on the know-it-all brothers home. She had long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She looked about twenty years old. She never took her eyes of Link.

“I will tell him another day,” she said. “Maybe when he is alone.”
She sighed, but too loudly. Link came over and said he heard something. Link turned around and saw her transparent body. She gasped. She saw the Triforce mark on his hand. She clapped her hand to her mouth and vanished. She reappeared somewhat soon after, and saw Link alone by the pond. He said to himself

"There is nothing to do at this time of day!"
Just then Navi came out of his hood, and yawned,

"I can tell you're bored"
Link asked Navi "Can you think of something for me to do?!?"

"Yeah, go to the sacred forest meadow!"
He stood up "Now how does it go again? Oh yeah, right, left, right, center, left, right" Link said

“Boy you sure have memory link, hee, hee." Navi said sarcastically

“Very funny Navi" Link said back as they went.
When they finally made it there Link asked

“Now what can I do?"

"Have you seen Saria today?” said Navi

"No." he said flatly.

So he took out his ocarina and played Saria's song. Little did link know that the ghost he had seen earlier was following him

“He plays really good.” she said.

"Saria!" Link said

"Hi link” said Saria back.

“Can I play with you?” Link asked

"Yeah sure." Saria said,

“Just come inside the temple"

"But how do I get in there?” Link asked.

“Just climb the tree!” she said

"OK" said Link.

So he climbed the tree. He almost fell once but got up there safely. He went in with the ghost close behind.

"Ppptsss" said Saria "Up here!"
He looked up and saw Saria in the tree, then saw why. Two Wolfos were scratching at the base of the tree. Link took out his sword and said,

"Hey over here!”
The Wolfos noticed him and ran over. He hit them a couple of times and killed them.

“That was easy.” he said, “Come on, come down”

“He is good with a sword, too" the ghost said.
They went out and Saria taught him a new song, they played tag, and then sat down and rested. Link said,

“Wasn’t it funny when Mido fell in the mud when..."
His words where cut off by the evening bell.
“Well, I am going back to the forest,” said Saria.

"I'll stay” said Link “I know my way back”
As soon as Link was sure she was out of earshot he said

“I know you're here. Show yourself!” as soon as he finished she appeared.

"Who are you?” Link asked

“I am Zahra, your mother” she answered

“How can that be?” Link asked again “I am a... “
“Hylian.” Zahra interrupted “Have you ever noticed your eyes are blue, Kokiri's eyes are brown or green, colors of the forest.”
He could not deny any longer. He ran back home remembering what she said. Questions filled his head as if they were about to explode, memories echoed until they reached the memory of his mothers last words

“Make your people proud of you.” he said aloud.
Meanwhile Zahra sat down and Ver appeared

"Did you tell him” he asked.

"Yes," she said “But I don't think he remembers us."

"I don't either.” said Ver. "I will tell him the rest tomorrow." Zahra said.
Link awoke the next day still full in mind about yesterday. He went strait to the sacred forest meadow.

"Ummmm... hello?” Link said, at that very moment Zahra appeared

"Link," Zahra said, “You may not remember me but I will show you what you need to see.”

The area then disappeared and reappeared as Hyrule field

“No one will see or hear us." Zahra said. Then Link saw a woman dressed in black with blonde hair and blue eyes carrying a baby to Kokiri forest. They followed. Link saw her place the baby by the tree and she said the words Link remembered

“Make your people proud of you.” they said at the same time.

"How did you know that?” Zahra said

“I remember” Link said “I just couldn't right away” Links ears twitched.

"I've got to go,” he said. He ran in the direction of Kokiri forest. When he got there a Gerudo was attacking them. He then pulled out his sword and his shield. He clanked his sword on a rock to get her attention.

“How about a real battle?" he asked.
She looked at him and laughed

“How’s peewee like you gonna hurt me?” Link smiled a nasty grin and said,

“You’ll see” he charged at her and jabbed her in the stomach. She died instantly. Saria came and hugged link. He felt strangely uncomfortable. So he ran into his house before the rest of the girls hugged him.

"Awwwwwwww!" the girls said in unison. All of the boys and Saria laughed for a long time. Zahra even saw the whole thing.

She said
“If that’s one thing you're afraid of, it’s that, holder of courage. We’ll watch him in heaven Ver.”
With that the clouds parted and let them through to the gates of heaven

“Make your people proud of you is what you have done, Link!" Zahra said with one last glance at him she and Ver, disappeared.


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