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i am going now to gannon's castle of mysterious doom. Impa says please don't go!!! we all will miss you much!!! But i said no sorry i must go. Then she says No....Stay. Then i say no i have to go save hyrule. Then she says...NO!!! MUST STAY!!! Then i say NO!!! And then i steal her horse and ride away from the castle. I go and pick up my friend. It is fun riding with my pink, black, and blonde hair. It's awesome!!!!! WOOT!~ so anyway me and my friend are riding and we smile. i smile. she smiles. impa's horse smiles. we have great time. then finally i arrive at this very dark place. it is very dark. we all smile. then i get off and say friend it is time for you to go home. then she says ok and she runs home. I go in and find very scary things such as flaming lava. i climb the stairs to the lair of gannon. I find him in a room that is dark. and i slash him. he falls to the ground and i hit him with my hand. gannon is defeated!!!!!!!!!!

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