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Chapter Three:
Crest of Friendship


There’s no time to question my moves
I’ll stick to the path that I choose
Me and my friends are going to do it right
You’ll never see us walk away from a fight

To be a Master is my dream
All I’ve gotta do is believe
I’ve got the chance to win
I’m on my way to victory

I can be a Champion
If I just believe
I’m on a Master Quest
I want the whole world to see
That I believe

Gonna be the very best
‘Cause all I’ve got to do is believe in me


Sam looked up at the clear sky. Every so often, a Pidgey or a Nymbis would cross it, so that did add some scenery.
After he had gotten tired of looking up, he rolled over and clambered to his feet. A Marshtomp ran up from a nearby stream, his stomach bloated from eating underwater plants and the occasional insect.
A Polienix flew down from a tree to rest on Sam’s shoulder, like the rest of her species; she looked like a small, blue bird. Her tail spread out in blue streamers, her wings small, yet powerful. She had a small, yellow beak and red eyes.
A Cumbulos floated down from the sky, the evolved form of a Nymbis, it looked like a gigantic thunderhead cloud. He was large from drifting above the river, soaking in evaporated water which would soon be turned to rain.
An Eevee dashed towards Sam from where she had been dozing against the trunk of a tree, she had a healthy sheen to her coat, a testament to a recent brushing and a bath.
A Flaaffy opened one eye and bleated at Sam, his pink fur shaking, inflating and spiking from the electricity running though it. The visible skin was shining, without a patch of dirt.
A Holipus floated above Sam’s head. It was a blue cat, with white spots and golden wings that were just big enough to lift it up. Its tailed whipped through the air, occasionally tickling Sam’s ear.

Around them all were hundreds of different pokemon. From Krabbys to Clamperls, from the common Caterpie to the elusive Kingdra, most of those sorts of species were there. While they weren’t all Sam’s, some of them were, Pokemon gathered by other trainers and transported to the laboratory of Professor Rowan.

Sam sighed and took out a small earring from his pocket. He took it apart and put it on, wincing as he did as the world’s sound became clearer. The distance, indiscernible Pokemon cries suddenly became words as the Translator took effect.

“Good, now you can understand me again. Brush me immediately.” The Holipus, or Angel, said, sounding like a stuck-up girl. She floated down to the ground and started twining around Sam’s legs, purring at the same time. “Please?”

Sam sighed. “This is why I took it out. The constant chattering gave me a headache.” He informed Angel. Angel, in response, started cleaning herself.
“Ok Artemis, Zeus, Hera, Diana, Helios and you too Angel, we’re going home.”
‘Home’ was Sam’s mother’s house. While Sam was resting after finishing the Diamond League of Dictioy, he made plans as to where he was going next.
So far he had narrowed it down to Johto, Kanto, Metone or Janera.
Sam’s idea of ‘Resting’ was finishing Southern Island’s own League, the Red League. There were twelve main regions and five mini-regions.
The miniature regions were the Orange League- Orange Archipelago, the Red League- Southern Island, the league in Tinitia, the Blue League- Artegos Islands near the Artic Circle and the Green League- The Rainbow Islands near Kanto.

So far he had gotten only one of the four badges needed, the Opal Badge, the gym being the Rock type. It only took two days to get from one side of the Island to the other, the reason why Sam considered this a rest. He had done the furthest Gym first, the one in Latias City on the other side of the Island. He was planning to go for the one in Rayquaza Village in the East of the Island.

“Good, I’m getting hungry.” Artemis the Marshtomp agreed. While he had preferred battling to eating when he was a Mudkip, now his stomach came first as a Marshtomp.

When they had reached Sam’s house, passing a pond, several trees, the occasional pokemon and trainers, they encountered Sam’s brothers returning home from school. Daniel’s (The younger brother) face lit up, he loved Pokemon and Sam’s Pokemon were a mystery to him. Josh turned a blind eye. Every since Sam had won the chance to train Pokemon eleven months ago, Josh had been distant to Sam.

“Cloud!” Yelled Daniel, as he rushed to jump on Zeus. Zeus looked startled, but then stiffened himself up so that Daniel could jump on him.

“In the back Zeus.” Sam said, pointing over the roof. Zeus nodded, jostling Daniel a bit and floated over the house into the backyard. Sam followed Josh in, putting his foot in the door as Josh tried slamming it.

“Ok guys, I’ll get you food in a minute.” Sam said, leading the way upstairs to his room. A flashing light attracted Sam’s attention to the desk. A pokemail had been sent to Sam’s computer while he had been out!

Hey Sam

Its Nick here, how’re you doing? I’m going well, but I’m bored.
I was wondering, could I come to stay with you? At least until I decide where I’m going, or we’re going next.
Sparx is doing great, I’ve managed to teach him Thunderbolt (with a lot of pain, but Mum says he might evolve soon! Ash Ketchum took a look at him too, he said Sparx is really healthy. Not to mention Ash’s Pikachu gave Sparx the thumbs up too!
Kat’s been sulking, she still can’t believe she was knocked out in the second round of the Diamond Tournament. Drake’s been crying for you too.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go, G’bye!

I made a face, and then established mind contact with my Mum.
Hey Mum, you remember that guy called Nick I told you about?
In case you couldn’t tell by now, Sam is psychic.

Nick? Isn’t that Bruno’s child? The Elite Four Bruno? The one who’s father you didn’t know?

Oh, shut up about that. Anyway, he wants to know if he can stay here until we decide what’s happening. Please?

Um, I don’t know. Ok, why not? I’ve got three children to look after, why not another one?

Sam ignored the sarcasm in his mother’s mental voice. Thanks. He thought, as he answered the email.
Later that night, as he was curled up in bed, a blue symbol shone on Sam’s chest, a symbol that only Angel saw.

{Time for song number four}

When you walk away
You don’t hear me say
“Please, oh Baby, don’t go”
Simple and Clean is the way that your making me feel tonight
It’s hard to let it go

You’re giving me
Too many things lately
You’re all I need
You smiled at me
And said
“Don’t get me wrong I love you
But does that mean I have to meet
Your father?”

When we are older you’ll understand
What I meant when I said ‘No’,
But I don’t think, Life is quite that simple

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