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The Guards highly polished leather boots echoed off the stones as he walked up to a newly familiar cell. “So, are you ready to confess that you killed the Princess of Hyrule?”

“No. Because I didn’t do it! I swear to you! Why would I want to kill her? Obviously, think about it? When would I have time to do that? Navi and I brought Gwyneth the milk she requested and on out way out I turned around and saw a pack of freakishly obese rampaging chickens. Ask the villagers if you don’t believe me!” Link yelled to the guard as he got off his uncomfortable cot in the small cramped cell, and walked up to the iron bars.

“I will get someone right on that. The cook will bring you down something soon…”

“Ah, food!” Link cried.

“…If she feels like it.” The guard smirked at Link, and then walked off to torment other prisoners.

“Oh my! That terrible man! What do we do Link? They will execute you if you are found guilty!” Navi chirped from inside a small cage that hung from the ceiling.

“Yes, I know. They’ll execute you too…”

“But… why?”

“Because the King doesn’t like you.”


“Shut up Navi. I don’t want to talk about it.” Link walked back over to his cot, and laid down. “Hmm… Maybe we should break out? But how? Those Iron bars are too heavy to break alone. I guess I’m just going to have to be executed…”

“Uh, Link? I thought you did not want to talk about it?” Navi asked, gazing down from her cage.

“I said that I didn’t want to talk about it to you.”

“No you did not. You said ‘Shut up Navi. I don’t want to talk about it.’”

“Whatever. Listen to your own words, and shut up.”

“My own words? What do you mean by that Link?” Navi asked.

“You said ‘Shut up Navi…’ So listen to your own words, and please shut your face!”

“But you know I was repeating what you said, so technically it was your words. And I believe it’s ‘Shut your mouth,’ not ‘shut your face’.”

“Navi, you better be glad you’re in a cage right now…”

“Is that a threat?”

“Yes it’s a threat! Now if you don’t shut up I will make sure that you don’t have mouth to talk from.”

“Alright, alright. I will shut up.” Navi fluttered down to the bottom of her cage and began snoring.

“Navi, stop that!” The snoring continued on.

“I said stop it!”

“Uh, stop what?” Navi asked groggily.

“Oh don’t tell me you fell asleep that fast?”

“Yes Link, I was quite tired.”

“Well, if you’re going to sleep, then don’t snore.” Link said.

“Snore? Who said I snore?”

“Oh my goodness! Navi just don’t make any noise at all!”

“Alright!” There was silence for about five seconds before Link could hear Navi inhaling and exhaling.

“Stop that Navi!”

“Stop what?”

“That noise!”

“What noise?” Navi began to breath loudly again.

That noise!”

“My breathing? So you want me to not breathe?”

“Yes Navi, I don’t want you to breathe.”

“Alright.” Link and Navi sat in silence for about a minute
before Link looked over at her and noticed her small fragile face was turning blood red.

“Oh Navi, I guess you can breathe now, just don’t breathe loudly.”

“Thank you!” Navi began to breathe quietly.

You could hear the light sounds of footsteps drawing near. A strange young man stepped out from the shadows, and looked into Links cell. His face was half covered, and you could only see his eyes. He wore a strange blue and white outfit which had a red eye on his chest. “You two bicker too much.”

“Who are you?” Link asked the strange young man.

“I am Sheik, of the Sheikahs. Be quiet Link, I can get you out
of here.”

“How?” Link whispered to Sheik.

“By unlocking the door.” Sheik answered.

“Right, I knew that.” Sheik took a ring of old keys off the hook by his cell, he randomly picked a key and fitted it into the lock and unlocked the door. He pulled open the door and motioned for Link to hurry out of the cell. Link jumped off his cot and was half way out of the door before he heard a voice.

“What about me!?” Navi called from inside her cage.

“Oh yeah! Sorry about that Navi, I guess I forgot about you. Sheik, do you have the key to Navi’s cage?”

“Let me look.” Sheik picked another random key, and walked over to the cage that hung from the ceiling. He inserted the key into its lock, and unlocked the cage. Navi flew from the cage and perched on Link’s shoulder. “Quick, we must hurry.”

“But why are you helping us?” A confused Link asked.

“No time for questions.” Sheik brought Link to a small hold in the wall and pointed to it. “Crawl through that hole. Once you reach outside you will find your horse. I want you to go to the Shadow Temple. But before you enter Kakariko Village disguise yourself in this black cloak.” Sheik handed Link the black cloak. “Hurry!”

“But Sheik, why do I have to go to the Shadow Temple?” Link asked quickly.

“I will meet you there and explain everything to you.” Sheik pushed Link down and into the small hole. “Go now!”
Link crawled through the hole, and came out the other side. He ran over to Epona and put on the black cloak. He quickly mounted her and was off towards the gates. Link passed though the gates with only a funny look from the guards. The Market was strangely empty, but he let it go. Link could feel Navi squirming around in his pocket, and her muffled voice. “Link? Why are we going to that creepy temple? I do not think we should trust that man.”

“Shut it Navi! He got me out of that cell and you out of that cage. We are going to ‘that creepy temple’.” Link said as he pulled out of a sharp left turn, and slowed down as he made his way over the stone bridge.

A/N: HAH!! you people better be happy! I updated to Chapter Two for you!! Oh, yeah, PLEASE read my new story, 'Fear Induces Evil: Link's Lost Emotions.' I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!

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