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Link rode over the bridge and led his horse over to the Stone stairs leading to Kakariko village.

"I think it would be best if you stay here, Epona. I'm a wanted man, if I brought you into the village, I'm sure I would get arrested... For something I didn't do..." Link added in a small voice. He dismounted Epona, and tied the reins to a small tree hidden in the shadow of a large earthy hill. Navi was still squirming annoyingly in his pocket, so he decided to have a little "talk" with her. Link plucked her out of his pocket, and chucked her as far as he could, earning him a splash when her small body hit the river many yards away. "Navi, with your energy, and constant need to talk, I think it would be the best, for both of us, if you stay there. You may give me away..." Link called after his chirpy faerie who was struggling to fly of the river, but the water was keeping her down. He jogged over, and up the stone steps, throwing a comment over his shoulder as he went, "Don't drown! I might need you in the future."

Link made sure the thick black cloak concealed his body, and the hood was up, sending his face in a world of Shadow. Many guards and villagers looked at him suspiciously, debating silently to themselves if he was actually Link. They muttered to themselves, and went back to their business, figuring that he was some traveler or something.

Link kept walking straight, until he walked up some more stone steps and reached a well. There, he turned right and walked a little ways, then turned left, and entered the grave yard (correct me if I am wrong on this, it's four, no, past five in the morning and It's been awhile since I've played OoT. Plus, I was never good at that village, always mixing things up..). 'Wait a second....' Link thought, slapping himself on the head. He pulled out his ocarina and began to play. The warping song (forget what it's called....) sent him to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. There, Sheik was waiting for him.

"Where is that pestering faerie of yours?" The man asked.

"Heh... Just floating around..." Link replied as he leaned against the cave wall, and slid down into a sitting position. "Why am I here?"

"Well, as you know, the Princess is dead. And you are believed to be the killer--"

Link cut Sheik off before he could finish his sentence, "Yes, yes, I already knoooow!"

"Please, Hero of Time, let me finish. I have a theory... that Zelda is not dead. That a powerful sorcerer either render her in a state of unconsciousness, that stopped her breathing, and ceased her pulse, made her skin turn icy cold and pale... Basically making her look dead, when she's not. And when she is set in the Royal Families tomb, steal her. Easy as that. Another is that he is simply using magic, and created a lifelike puppet that looked like the Princess, and took the real one away. Or...." Sheik paused, debating whether or not to continue with what he was saying.

"Go on," Link pried.

"Or, the Princess is really dead. And to why I have asked you here, is because I want you to find her Killer, or kidnapper. Simple. You're the Hero of Time, the one who Banished Ganondorf from this Realm, surly you can do it?" Sheik crossed his arms, and send a piercing stare at Link.

"If it is possible that you are right, about a sorcerer sending Princess Zelda into a 'death' state, do you think I can save her?"

"It is best if you start her search. I am sure the funeral would be going on around this time, and if she was put under some kind of spell, or fed potion, then whomever is the culprit will most likely be waiting in the tomb." He sighed and began to sink into the shadows. "Go to the Gerudo's, they shall send you to a place... A place of unknown origin... And there, they will help you with your fighting skills. You will be there for a period of thirteen days, and after that, you shall begin your journey."

"But after this stupid training that I do NOT need, where am I supposed to go!? I haven't a clue where to start!" Link yelled after Sheik as the darkness began to consume him.

"That is for you to decide."

A/N: Welp all, there you go! You have your little chapter, I just hope I get some reviews for this... Correct me if anything clashes with the previous chapters, I'm too lazy to reread them and check to make sure everything works. Some of the stuff in OoT, such as the song that warps you to the Shadow temple, and exactly HOW to get to the grave yard in the village, I am unsure of. It's been awhile... a loooong while... too long in fact. Sorry if there is any spelling errors and whatnot, and for the long ass updates, but I do have the originals to work on yah know. Uh, I was gonna say something... Heh. Check out some of my poems, and read my gay ass bio and xanga site in the time being until the next update!

Farewell to all of my readers! If I have any that is... ^^;;

Yours Truly -- The Supreme Ruler person of lotsa stuff....

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