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Ah, poor Marin. It seems at times that the world is turning without her. Her former lover Richard has disappeared, her Daddy is beginning to go crazy from the mushrooms.
And then came the outsider.
She found him by the beach.
And that's the last she saw of him.
Now, two weeks after discovering him, he suddenly shows up in the village, deciding to live with Marin and Tarin for a while. And as Marin tries to befriend him, she discovers the secrets of his past, and realizes that he is not what he seems to be...

I was planning to post a Link's Awakening story for a long time, but posted one chapter then stopped. However, Wizera, another Link's Awakening fanatic, convinced me to post this.

Now, keep in mind, although I am a guy, I wrote this story from a woman's point of view. Meaning, that just because it says something like, "I suddenly decided that I was in love with Link," DOES NOT mean I'm gay. And if anyone gives me a bad review just for that reason, (if you didn't like the story, you thought it was too rushed, you didn't like a certain character's personality, ect., that's perfectly alright) then you have no right to go to this website, because that is a simple element of literature that you should understand.

So, without further ado, I present to you, Marin.

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