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“Perhaps I have been wrong all these years. I’ve gone and done the very opposite of what I had set out to do. I’ve done things that I would’ve thought was decadence back then. Yes...back then. I’m tied to destiny. It’s these things I find in my thoughts that keep me going. I know I can’t change history, nor do I think that I can succeed without harming others. This is my ambition: To save my people from the wasteland...from the home the goddesses cursed us with.”

--Ganondorf Dragmire

Shadow and Light
By: Red Sparrow


Footsteps echo along a dark alley. The steps were frantic. The sky was black, no stars. No sun. No moon. There was no telling what time of day it was.

“No...Please!” a young boy’s frantic cry echoes down the alley. The boy was running from something. There was fear in his eyes. He was covered with blood. His eyes were wet from crying the entire time. Behind him, a figure in cloak walked lazily after him, a dark silhouette of his death.

The boy ran into a dead end. He clawed the wall frantically, crying and sobbing. The figure behind him stopped. The boy turned around his eyes widened, “Please...Princess Zelda, don’t!” The figure removed its hood to reveal Zelda’s face. There was nothing but insanity in her eyes. She spoke, “Don’t beg. I know you did it. You killed him. You killed LINK!!!”

The boy curled up into a ball, sobbing “No, please! I didn’t!!”

Zelda grinned evilly, “And shall die along with everyone else who took my future away from me.”

Another dark shadow appeared behind her, the shadowy figure’s eyes glowed with a fierce red. It wasn’t Hylian. It was some sort of monster. Its wings spread as it growled menacingly. The boy whimpered again. Zelda said slowly, coldly, “You shall die for your crimes against Hyrule.”

She glanced back at the monster behind her and said in a cutting tone, “Volvagia, Kill!”

The boy screamed. Volvagia lunged.



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