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“If you find Link, please tell him that once...Saria had really...really liked him a lot.”


Chapter Two
“Good Night”

“Saria?” there was a voice calling out to her. Saria slowly opened her eyes to see all the other Kokiri crowded around her. She was lying on the grass outside of her house, there was a wet towel draped over her forehead.

She sat up, “How did I-” one of the Kokiri raised their hand and pointed at Mido, “He found you lying on the ground in the Forest Temple.”

Mido looked away.

Kiri, the Kokiri doctor, helped steady her, “What happened in there?”

Saria’s eyes widened as she remembered what had happened, “I need to go.”

Kiri, along with the other Kokiri asked, “Why? Where are you going?”

Saria stood up, brushing the dirt off her tunic, “To Hyrule Castle.” With that, she began to walk.

Mido stood up and grabbed her, “You can’t!” Saria turned and looked at Mido, “Why?”

Mido looked away, unable to look her in the eye, “Because...”

Saria broke loose, “I’m sorry, Mido. But I have to...please understand. It’s for Link’s sake.”

Mido gritted his teeth and said, “He’s not a Kokiri, why do you love him so much?!”

Saria stopped. Everyone went quiet. Saria said, without turning to face Mido, “...because unlike you, Mido. Link means the world to me...even if he doesn’t know it.”

There wasn’t a single attempt to stop her as Saria walked through the opening tunnel which leads out of Kokiri Forest.

It was dark now, fortunately, everything was lit up majestically by the bright moon. The stars only add to the atmosphere. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.

Zelda and Link were standing outside the castle entrance. They walked past a guard whom had opened the gate for them. They were chatting and telling jokes. Volvagia had fallen asleep, and Zelda was cradling her in her arms.

Soon they neared their destination, the main castle’s front door. “Well, Link. I had a great time.” Link smiled, “Me, too.”

They both looked down at the sleeping baby dragon. Zelda looked at Link, “Here, she’s yours remember?” Link thought about it and said, “She’s sleeping, and I don’t really have anything I can use to take care of her. How about I pick her up tomorrow? That way, I’d get some dragon stuff and whatever they eat.”

Zelda smiled, looking down at Volvagia, the baby was purring and making little cute sounds in its sleep. “Oh...well, alright. I was going to ask you anyways, but it didn’t feel right.”

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” Link asked. “...Of course!” Zelda replied.

They kissed and bid each other goodnight.

Link walked back down the path, passing the guard, the guard smiled and sighed, muttering something about young love, when Link just collapsed right in front of him.

The guard left his post and rushed up to Link, “Sir, are you alright?”

Link shook his head, blinking and trying to get himself together, “Huh...yeah, I’m...I’m fine.”

The guard helped Link up, “You sure?”

Link turned and gave the guard his famous smile, “Of course!”

Suddenly, Link fell forward, The guard reached up to catch Link, but before he even touched, Link fell through the guard—literally, and faded into thin air.

The guard stood with a confused look, “The hell?!”

The guard drew his sword, looking around quickly, he slowly backed up, not knowing what exactly was going on, he finally got the idea of informing his superiors about this. He quickly bolted for the castle, praying to the goddesses that he wouldn’t share Link’s fate. Whatever that may be...

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