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In a realm beyond sight,
The sky shines gold, not blue.
There, the Triforce's might
Makes mortal dreams come true.

When you make that wish,
A piece be cast to you,
Embedded with the Goddesses might,
Triforce shines its golden hue.

But later on in life,
Discover, you will soon,
The Triforce comes with a catch,
It's hypnotizing tune.

It plays a song that never ends,
A song that drives you mad,
A song that must be done away,
A song that must be had.

A melody that never leaves,
A tune that always haunts,
A rythym that seems to last forever,
A song that seems to taunt.

That song will drive you to the edge,
Back to the Sacred Realm,
That now horrid, taunting place,
The place now like Arre Telm.

In that realm beyond sight,
Where the sky shines gold, not blue,
There, the Triforce's might,
Makes mortal dreams come true.

*Arre Telm is equivalent to hell in Hyrule, I just made up a name for it.

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