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He watched her from the corner of his eye, a faint smile creeping across his lips. In his pocket, he could feel the hard edges of his Kinstone that he'd been given upon entering the town square.

Everywhere, everyone was having fun, finding people to fuse their kinstones with. It was a holiday, declared by the mayor of town, a kinstone festival. Everyone hoping for a bit of luck, there were smiles everywhere as everyone paired off, eagerly chatting and swapping ideas for what sort of luck would come their way.

Vitanre, standing beside Link, was studying the activity of the townspeople in slight awe: this town was huge compared to the little fishing village she'd grown up in. Shops proudly displayed their wares in windows, open-air vendors called out into the cacophony of the square.

She caught Link looking at her and smiled, stepping aside as two children ran between them, shouting and laughing.

Link knew the color of the kinstone he held was dark red, and he hadn't seen what color Vitanre had gotten...but, she had seen what color HE had gotten, so if HER kinstone could have possibly matched his, wouldn't she have said something by now?

He inwardly sighed, strangely sad at the thought of it...hers obviously didn't match his. There would be no lucky day for the two of them resulting from a fusion.

The day went on, with different people approaching them, all holding out their kinstone halves, hoping for a match with either of the two heroes. Vitanre politely declined, all smiles, and Link noted that all she turned down were reds and blues.

'She must hold a green then,' he thought wistfully. He wished his was green...

Soon enough, sunset was upon them. The festival-goers were beginning to disperse, and Link had not yet found the person who held a matching half to his kinstone.

"Didn't find anyone?"

Link turned to see Vitanre standing behind him, the setting sun glinting off her white-blonde hair, making it appear as though molten gold crowned her head.

He shook his head. "I guess my match stayed home ill today."
The kinstone in his pocket seemed heavy against his skin beneath the cloth.

Oh well.


They were heading for the gates, to head to Link's home to spend the evening before beginning their wandering again.
He turned at Vitanre's soft call.

In her outstretched hand, resting against her palm, was a dark red half of a kinstone. Link's fingers fumbled into his pocket for his as the sky went dark and the first stars appeared overhead.

Hardly daring to believe, he placed his half against Vitanre's-

A perfect match.

It glowed as it fused together and flew from their hands, rocketing into the sky. Both Hylians waited, barely breathing, to see if any immediate effects would take place.

High in the sky above, a golden star suddenly shot across the sky, and tiny glowing motes came floating down from its tail. They did not burn, but lent a whimsical essence to the evening, dimly lighting the area in which the two stood.

" was a nice festival, wasn't it?"

Link smiled at her, tracing the path of one of the motes as it caressed her cheek.

"Yes...a nice festival indeed."

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