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The bell rang loudly signaling for the dismissal. They rushed out, most smiling broadly while others were indifferent to it. Hyrule City was beautiful beyond words. There was a vast forest of trees and a beautiful ocean that glimmered like an emerald in the sun. Though there were many buildings it wasn't overcrowding, they were set among each other organized and proportioned evenly together. Many tourist joked of it being a Kingdom because of its richness.
After school the students all usually went to the Tri-Cafe, where a variety of snack food were accessible for test tasting.
He stood behind the counter staring out the window directly facing the ocean. He could stare at it forever but at the moment he wasn't at liberty to look about when he was working. It was the only way to make ends meet since he lived alone. He was orphaned at a young age and fended for himself since.
"Excuse me can I have a Cafe Latte?"
He snapped out of his reverie and looked back to see who was ordering. His breath caught in his throat as he locked eyes with one of the most beautiful girls at Hyrule City Highschool.
She smiled and snapped her fingers. "Are you okay?"
He turned quickly hiding his face that was burning in embarassment. He filled up a cup with her order and brought it to her.
They stared at each other for a minute.
"So how much?" She asked giggling at his inability to function.
"Oh i'm sorry. It's on the house."
"Thanx," She stared at his name tag. "Link." And walked out of the store.
He burried his head in his hands and laughed to himself.
"Your welcome Zelda...." He muttered belatedly.
"What are you doing Link?"
Link spun as soon as he recognized the voice.
"Hey Malon."
She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at him.
He scratched his head and looked at the time, still a few hours till he was able to leave.
"I'm working."
She sighed "You can't keep giving drinks for free."
"I know but did you see who that was?" He stared out the window as she disappeared in the distance.
Malon sighed in retreat and threw her hands up while secretly thinking "You don't look at me like that."
He smiled and wandered into the kitchen to start cleaning up.
"If he were any happier he'd grow wings and fly, like a fairy..." She mumbled and followed behind yelling "Okay fairy boy time for some real work."

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