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Chapter Two
“The Price of Friendship”

“Link?” Saria’s voice echoed around the woods. She walked into the place known commonly to Saria and Link as “Saria’s Secret Spot”.

She spotted Link sitting on the stump. She walked over and plopped down next to him, “Hey.”

Link didn’t look up and said in a dull voice, “Hey.”

Saria put a hand on his shoulder, “Look, Zelda’s looking for you.” Link stood up and sighed, “You know, I never thought this day would come. As soon as I get out of one tragedy, I’m thrust into another.”

Saria looked at Link, she hated to see him so down. She also knew that, despite the front that she had put up, she couldn’t deny that she still had some feelings for him. But she knew she couldn’t do that. It sounded too greedy. Saria walked up to Link and looked up at him. He was so tall compared to her. This reminded her about how she looked like to everyone else, a small child.

“Link, I wish I could help you through, but...” Saria held her arms nervously, “I’m not quite sure what to say.”

Link knelt down next to her, “Its ok. I’ll I usually do.”

Saria sighed, “Listen, Link, I never want anything bad to happen to you....but...” Saria swallowed, “maybe it’s time you let Zelda go. Theres nothing you can do. I...know how you feel about her, but you should think about Zelda’s feelings, too. How do you think she’s feeling right now? She finds out she’s engaged with some guy she doesn’t know, and now the person she turns to disappears. You should go back. You should be with her and help her through. It’s the least you can do. If you aren’t doing it for yourself, do it for Zelda.”

Link went quiet and nodded slowly. He walked towards the exit and Saria called out to him, “Wait...”

Link stopped and turned, “Yeah?”

Saria thought for a moment and shook her head, “Nothing, forget it. Go on.”

Link smiled to her and turned back, walking out. Saria sighed angrily to herself, “Stupid girl!” she fell on her knees and shook her head, embarrassed about what she was about to say, “You almost made an idiot out of yourself! Confessing your love right here? That’s just wrong.” She scolded herself.

“But still...” she lamented, “...I can’t help but wish.” Saria sighed, “Oh...what ever happened to the simple days? I guess I can’t seem to forget him as easily as I thought. Link sees me as a friend and nothing else. All I can do is hope. Oh, I guess this is the price I have to pay for friendship.”

She glanced towards the passage Link had gone through minutes before. She got up, brushing her clothes off and decides to head home and sleep on it. She knew it was going to be a very, very long day tomorrow.

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