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Chapter One

Legend foretells of a fallen savior. A savior who has tainted his wings black with the seeds of darkness. With his newfound alignment, comes a wave of travesty. Hyrule has fallen, and with it, the world. It is just as the prophecies of the sages have foretold.

Darkness has gained momentum and with each passing day, more lives are extinguished. The survivors scatter. Some have even been taken under the former savior’s wing.

The Hylian Sages of legend have vanished. Words spoken across the land link the fallen Sages of Hyrule with the sages of a shadowed society known as the Clandestine of Dusk, are they one and the same? Few know of the whereabouts of this mysterious group. Even fewer know exactly what they do.

The Light is fading fast. The Darkness is spreading.

Who will stop it?

Will a new Hero of Time rise to repel evil?

Where has the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom gone? Link, the fallen angel, has ravaged across the lands in search of these holy relics for many years...will he finally achieve absolute divinity?

Will the light of hope grow and repel the evil?

Or will that light be extinguished before it has a chance to shine?

Katasaku, a small town far to the east of Hyrule is where the two small lights of hope will grow. The light resides in two young Hylian runaways. This is where the story begins. This is where the winds of change will blow...

Two kids and their family runaway from it all.

They enjoy their childhood, thinking it will never end.

But soon, the events of the past will catch up to them, forcing both brother and sister to grow up and fight back... will they fight side by side? Or one against the other?

This is their story...

This is their tale...of the struggle between Shadow and Light.

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