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Chapter Three
“Fallen Angel”

Ashes...everywhere. Smoke rose from the burnt corpses of villagers in a small farming community far to the west of Hyrule.

The bodies of the dead littered the roads and homes. Somewhere in the plaza of the village, sounds of fighting rang out.

A small group of villagers huddled together, trapped. The men and boys stood at the front, firing off arrows at a man who had a terrible aura about him.

That man was the fallen angel, Link. He was dressed in black armor, his cape swayed in the wind.

He casually snatched the arrows in mid-flight and flings them over his shoulder with his right hand. His left hand held a sword. The blade was bloodied and as he dragged it along the ground, he left a thin trail of blood in his wake.

Soon, the villagers ran out of arrows, and just quaked in fear and confusion. Some men had charged Link. Link merely blew them away with a quick burst of telekinetic energy without raising a finger.

The villagers, tired and defeated, awaited their demise. Link stopped and finally spoke in a calm voice, “Now that I’ve got your undivided attention, someone here will tell me where my daughter is.”

No one moved. Link repeated, “No use denying it. I’ve got intelligence reports on this village. Tell me, now.” He still kept his calm.

The villagers, once again, kept quiet. The only sound heard was a disappointed sigh from Link and the soft sobbing of the women and children.

Link shook his head, “Loyalty till the end, huh? Someone speak up, and I’ll spare your lives.”

A man spoke up, “Please, we know nothing...leave us be!”

Link looked at the man and responded harshly, “Don’t bullshit me. You know the whereabouts of my daughter. She was smuggled through this village. I’ve had intelligence scour this region.”


Link shook his head, “Fine...I’ll just have to start killing again.”

The man shouted at him, “Don’t you have any remorse?! Don’t you feel any shame for what you’ve done?!”

Link stopped.

His face showed nothing, but his eyes showed sorrow for a few seconds. That hint of sadness quickly faded away as he smirked.

He thought for a moment and replied, “Hmm...That's an interesting theory.” He tapped his forehead in thought, “And like all theories, it should be tested.”

He extended his palm at one of the women. She lifted off the ground and hovered. The other villagers backed away. Link used his kinetic powers to fling her hard into the wall to his left, she screamed in pain and fear. Link kept his palm pointed at the women as an orb of light glowed. This was his most devastating spell. It was his newfound signature move. It was called ‘Bereavement of the Heavens’.

The orb pulsated and he fired a beam of intensified light at the women, it struck. The house behind her exploded along with her body. The beam flew on and struck into three more houses behind it before fading.

The villagers stared in shock. Link lowered his hand and thought, “Hmm...I’m feeling something. What is it? No, it’s not’s hmm...nope. It’s just the same old feeling I’ve always had...the thrill.”

“And you” Link spoke, “will tell me where my daughter is, or I’ll start killing the children.” He gestured at the man from before.

Thirty Minutes later...

Link rode away from the burning village. There was nothing left. He joined his troops perched on top of a nearby hill. One of his subordinates spoke as he stared at the scene, “Sir, I sincerely apologize, but the information we’ve received seems to be faulty.”

Link shot the man a deadly look, “Well, General Ivan, people make mistakes.” He spoke with a threatening voice, “Just don’t slip up again, or you’ll join Captain Eric in the dungeons, do you understand?”

Ivan nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Link spoke again, “And what have you got on the whereabouts of the Triforce?”

Ivan shook his head, secretly shaking in his boots, “Nothing new to report. The Sheikah have come up empty.”

“Well,” Link said, “for your sake, they’ve better find it soon. The Sheikah charge a very high price for their services.”

Ivan nodded quickly, “Just give them some more time, your majesty.”

Link smiled at him, “Time is something you don’t have much of, General.”

Without another word spoken, Link rode off, his troops followed him closely. The next village seemed like a nice place to find some information.

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