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The Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time
By: Fado

Prologue: Dreams

The bank slanted into the rushing, searing water. After a few moments it soon became muddy and watery. Huge amounts of rain droplets came soaring down from the bubbly, fattening storm clouds that turned from gray to pitch black. The rain continued pelting the bank. Something out of nowhere groped for the bank. Fingernails dug into the loose, muddy ground. The object moved up closer. It became clear. It was only one thing.
The hand of a small boy.
The hand grabbed onto a nearby root sticking out of the ground, that was once bright green, but not anymore because of the mud. Along with the hand came an extremely muddy arm. A waft of muddy blonde hair stuck up from the bank, blowing with the whistling wind. Soon a dark, muddy green tunic slammed against the slippery surface. He reached up farther, finally gripping hard on the root. With the strength leaving his drooping and aching arm, he gave one last pull and slammed harder against the surface.
Wrong move.
At the same time of the impact, the boy slammed his head into the cliff that started up into the meadows of Hyrule Field. His head felt like it had been split in two. Trying to ignore the burning pain, the boy summoned all of the rest of his strength and gritted his teeth. He gripped the grass hard and tried to pull himself into the field.
He tried to stand up, but at the same time his strength died away. His knees buckled and then his legs gave away. With a hard slam to the chest and a slam to his head once again, he laid on the ground in the downpour of rain, taking deep gasps of air. He stayed on the ground for a few heartbeats, saving all of his remaining energy, trying ignore the pain within his head again.
Something stirred within the boy’s head. Am I going to die? I can’t. I have a quest to complete. I must see . . .must see that g . . .girl. Who was she? Was she really part of my quest? Why was I sent to see her? Was it safe to meet with her? All of these questions kept on ringing in his head, along with the throbbing pain.
The boy slowly tried to turn on his back, flinching at the pain as he did so. With many grunts and puffs, he finally turned on his back, gazing up at the stormy sky. The rainfall soon grew heavier, dousing the boy over and over.
Slowly, each breath he took, he could feel his whole body weakening. Now he really wondered. Am I going to die? His breathing grew faint; he was going to die. Well, I’m sorry . . .I wasn’t able to complete the quest, m-my quest . . .
Without warning everything around the boy went black . . .

Out of the clouds, light ignited the entire sky . . .green light. What was this light? How strange. The clouds drifted slowly in the night sky. It looked as if, as if it was going to rain, gray clouds. But, this light, it lit up the entire area of the clouds. And, who’s ever heard of green light, especially coming from clouds?
A young girl about the age of nine, sat out in a garden with the sweet fragrance of roses surrounding her. Her straight, blonde hair blew steadily with the nightly breeze that she usually felt. She continued to gaze up at the clouds, with curiosity of what the light was.
The clouds seemed like they were separating from the middle. They were! She gazed up, astonished at the sight before her. The light blazed against cold, stone white castle walls. The girl immediately shielded her eyes from this amazing light. After a few moments she waited until she could no longer see the light through her hands, then she looked up. Nothing there.
“Zelda.” A voice said from nowhere. She glanced down in front of her to see a boy, standing on the ground in a green tunic; wafts of blonde hair blew along with the wind, his dark blue eyes shining in the bright, silver moonlight. His lips turned into a warming smile. Hovering about a foot from his shoulder was another astonishing sight. It was nothing she had ever seen before, only heard of in legends. Beside his head was what looked to be a light blue sphere, except it had white, transparent wings.
A fairy.
But the girl noticed something in his left hand. It was a green transparent stone, pure emerald, almost the shape of a teardrop. That, she guessed, must have been where the bright green light had come from. She looked at the boy, straight in those blue eyes. Was he friendly? Something told her about the look in his eyes that he wasn’t here to kidnap or kill her. But, how did he know her name? It must have been him. There was nobody else around except both of them.
The boy looked a little strict for a few heartbeats, but soon relaxed. He then held the green stone out and slowly beckoned to her. The girl hesitated for a few moments, but soon stood up slowly, watching to see if he was going to pull a fast one on her. She nervously walked towards the boy, rather quickly. His lips turned into a warm smile, still holding out the mysterious stone.
As the girl neared closer, something was different about the boy. In his hand, she could see the stone slowly fading. It grew faint, but then she noticed something else. His whole body was fading! Inch by inch, his arms and legs were fading. Soon his face was left, still with that warm smile. No more ears, hair, nose, or mouth, just his eyes. Then, very suddenly, his eyes grew faint, then disappeared from the darkness, leaving the girl alone, standing in shock. Even his light blue fairy was gone.
What happened? How can someone just disappear, fade whatever, in thin air? Was that boy a ghost, spirit? If he were a ghost or spirit, then he more then likely would have been see through. The girl stood, all alone, taking in what she had just seen before her . . .

Pelt, pelt, pelt. The raindrops kept coming down, as hard as they had been previously that stormy night. A raindrop soared and landed in the young boy’s mouth. Water? He swallowed the watery goodness. No matter how small it was, it was still healthy water.
Very slowly he opened his eyelids. He looked in front of him. Clouds with rain and lightning. Dark, stormy clouds. A flash of lightning seared through the clouds, as quick as a chain reaction of shocks. Where am I? he wondered. Slowly, he sat up, flinching as the pain seared through his aching head and aching muscles.
The boy took a quick second, viewing his surroundings. Just meadows of grass, flowers, and a variety of other plants. Before him was something different than meadows or flowers, it was what looked to be castle wall. They were castle walls, except they lead to the Market, the center of things in the land of Hyrule. Positioned at the middle of the walls was folded up piece of huge rotted lumber with shiny metal chains latched on the sides—a drawbridge.
He surveyed the bridge for a few minutes, slowly trying to regain his strength. He looked down at his muddy green tunic. Oh no! This tunic was not for play or any other thing of the sort. This tunic was what had clothed him ever since he was a little boy. Every Kokiri had to wear a green tunic. Even girls, except they had a difference in their outfit. They usually wore green skirts to match along with maybe an extra accessory like a headband, like his friend Saria usually wore. Along with the outfit of the Kokiri, they wore boots, some green, some brown. Boys normally would wear green caps that fell back behind their neck.
The boy felt up on his head for his cap. My cap! He glanced quickly around, searching for it, but was interrupted by a high pitched, boyish voice.
“So you’ve awakened! Very good yes, very good!” The boy craned his neck to see a strange creature before him.
This creature he had often seen in the Lost Woods, which neighbored the Kokiri Forest. This creature was a Skull Kid. The Kid had bright orange eyes that were the size of marbles in pitch black eye sockets that covered the top part of his round face. A beak-like nose with little slits for nostrils lay under those floating orange marbles. On top of his head lay a hat that looked to be made out of straw, except it was orange, yellow, and red. His torso looked to be also made of straw; the same color of his hat. His little black bony arms came from his shoulders with straw gloves in the same color. And on the bottom of his bony little black legs were straw shoes, again the same color.
The Kid trotted over to the boy and sat down in front of him. He stretched his bony arm behind his back and pulled out a piece of green, then said, “This yours?”
“My cap!” the boy exclaimed. “Where did you—Hey! Can I have my cap back?” he added urgently.
The Skull Kid giggled at the boy. “You wants it?” he asked, through a fit of giggles.
“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!” the boy seared angrily, making snatching movements to try and get his cap back. He continued grabbing for it, until he finally grasped it and forced it away from the Kid.
The boy put the hat on rather forcefully and then glared at the Skull Kid. Skull Kids were usually trouble and he certainly had no time to deal with one now. The kid continued to giggle as he fell back onto the ground. This was too much for the boy to handle, then he yelled at the top of his lungs, “SHUT UP!”
That stopped the Kid. He sat up and cocked his head to one side. “What yous mad about? Me just try’in to have a bit of fun. Yous have no sense of humor?” he said curiously, while the boy made a face.
“I only have a sense of humor when I’m not making a fool of myself! And I definitely have no time for a Skull Kid!” he said angrily, through gritted teeth. The boy had already gone too far. Now the Skull Kid looked as if he was going to cry. Seeing the face, the boy rethought about what he had said. The Kid started to sob.
“No, don’t cry please, I-I didn’t mean it.” He said soothingly, trying to cheer him up. The Kid started making loud wails that sounded like a wolf howling to the Moon. “No really! I am sorry! I j-just got ahead of myself, that’s all! Really!” he hissed briskly, getting annoyed.
“I-I’m s-sorry, u-us S-Skull Kids are easily o-offended. I-I’ll get o-over it. I-I’m really s-sorry about not giving your cap back when you told me t-to.” He said in between sobs. “I-I’ll just g-go, leaving y-you b-be. I s-shouldn’t have e-even taken your c-cap. I should b-be g-going, any ways. G-Goodbye.” And with that, the Kid was gone. Out of thin air.
“No! Wait!” Too late. He was gone. The boy sat, all alone, nothing but the silence, except for the pelting of the rain hitting the ground. He looked where the Kid was a second before and became ashamed of himself. He didn’t realize that Skull Kids were so…easily offended. But, now, he felt sorry for the Kid. Just wanting someone to talk to…
The boy stood up and sighed. Immediately he noticed something. He was able to stand! That meant that most of his strength was coming back! Though his head and muscles throbbed, he could still go on. He glanced over to the drawbridge. In its folded position it seemed welcoming. But, at the same time it felt uninviting. The boy had a feeling something was drawling, just waiting for him.
His destiny . . .Not that far away. Just one step through that drawbridge and then he would soon meet that girl. The one who he had vivid thoughts about. He took one step forward, when someone called out to him—
“Link! Link!” the boy turned to see a light blue sphere with wings hovering fast towards him, calling his name. “Link! Are you all right? Please, tell me you’re right!” the fairy yelled.
Link smiled, then said, “Calm down, Navi. I’m okay; you don’t need to worry about me. I can take care of myself y’know.” Navi hurried up to him and looked him up and down.
“You’re all muddy,” she said in a tone of disgust. She fluttered slowly in front of him.
“You don’t look to bad yourself,” He said icily. “I tripped and these winds blew me over, right into that little river.” He nodded over to where he was once, maybe an hour ago, whatever, laying down unconscious. Navi however, was soaking wet, with a few trickles of mud on her face.
“Whatever,” she retorted. “Have you forgot about your quest? The Great Deku Tree told you that you needed to complete this task, meet the Princess of Destiny, remember?” she said as a matter-of-factly.
Link’s eyes narrowed at her. “I’m not stupid Navi, who do you think I am? Mido? I think I can figure that out myself, thanks.” He said once again in an icy tone.
Navi looked abashed. “Link! You know that Mido is the boss of the Kokiri! If he heard you talking a—” She was immediately cut off by Link.
“Yeah, yeah.” Link waved the thought off and started walking towards the bridge without her. He had no time to deal with Navi right now. With or without her, he was going to the Market, through the Market for that matter.
“Link! Wait up!” she pleaded, fluttering fast to keep up.
As both boy and fairy approached the drawbridge, the downpour grew greater. Link looked up at the cloudy sky, watching the rain pellets and the streaks of lightning searing in and out of the clouds. He made a sound of annoyance.
“Uh, I hope I don’t catch a cold in this rain, most certainly I will, though . . .Okay Navi,” he said, suddenly changing the subject and looking at her. “How do we get in?”
“What!? Are you crazy Link? I don’t have the slightest idea how to get in... Why don’t you try ‘Open Sesame’?” she said, shrugging, having absolutely no idea.
“Spare me the jokes, Navi,” Link said, annoyed. “I don’t think that’s the password, in fact, I don’t think there’s any password.”
Navi turned to him and frowned. “You certainly can’t take a joke, can you Link?”
“Navi, I’m telling the truth. I don’t think there’s any password. And this is certainly no time for jokes, were busy on completing a task. Or so YOU just told me a few moments ago. Now, let’s try and—”
The drawbridge creaked and Link was cut off. Both looked at the chains. Did it just creak? It must have been their imagination. Navi gestured to the bridge and mouthed, “Did it just creak?” Link however, continued to stare at the bridge. It made a louder creak—it was opening.
After a few heartbeats the chains started rolling very fast, as the bridge was coming down. Link stood in front of the bridge, watching it slowly turn from its folded up position into its straight, flat position. He stood for a few moments, wondering why it had come down. Surely someone must have lowered it for a reason? Why would the guards just leave it down during the night, when thieves and bandits could just walk right in? No matter, Link was only here to see a girl, not steal anything.
Link took one step on the bridge when something hit his ears. Hoofs. A horse was coming. Not behind, but in front of him. Link waited a few heartbeats, deciding if he should stay or get out of the way. What if the horse was coming fast enough to hit him, before moving out of the way? He decided that he would wait.
Hoofs continued to echo through the shadowed alley before Link. Along with these echoes, came the sound of rain pellets hitting the cold, stone walk that lay before him. Link very slowly and cautiously, took another step, being careful not to slip on the doused bridge. Navi silently fluttered over next to Link, hearing the echoes too.
The echoes were getting louder. Link turned his head to hear every hoof hit the walkway. He turned back to the darkness before him and saw a white detail stand out in the dark alleyway. The detail grew bigger, into the head of a white stallion!
“Navi, go, go now!” Link yelled to the fairy.
Navi obeyed and fluttered off into the darkness somewhere behind him. Link could see the horse getting closer. On the stallion was a woman with a girl in front of her. The woman was wearing armor that was placed at her chest, elbows, and knees. Her stringy gray hair was tied into a tight, neat bun.
The girl however, looked royal. Perhaps this was the girl Link needed to see. The girl was wearing a pink dress with blue fastenings and on the bottom (below her waist) was a strange object. An object that had three triangles formed together. On each side was the wing of a phoenix, while the head was above the object. The girl’s hair was under a pink headdress.
Without a second to think, Link did a smart and foolish thing at the same time. He jumped to the side, but at the same time fell unbalanced, falling and hitting his head for a third time. Ignoring the burning pain, he looked back to see the girl looking straight at him. On the horse went, galloping off into the rainy, soppy meadows that lay before them. Navi was fluttering as fast as she could and stopped next to Link’s temple and ear.
“Link! Are you all right?” she asked, breathless.
“Yeah, Navi, I’m f—” something had cut Link off before he could finish the sentence.
Navi looked to what Link was looking up at. She gasped. Before them stood a massive, black, ugly horse with black head armor and armor at different parts of its body, along with glowing red eyes. What Link was really looking at, was the rider.
The rider’s head turned to both of them. Bright orange hair wafted with the wind, along with fiery orange eyes underneath flaming orange eyebrows. Heavy looking black armor was fastened at different areas on his body.
What happened next, came so fast, Link didn’t realize it. The rider had immediately risen his right hand and held his palm out to Link. Next, a faint orange glow was coming from his fingers and palm, along with a slight buzzing. Soon enough, the glow turned into a ball of pure energy. Magic! Before Link could do a thing, the energy ball came whizzing towards him and the next thing he knew, blank...

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