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I know it’s rare for me to do an Author’s Note before any other chapter than the first one, but I just have to apologize for how long it’s taken me to even type up the first part I had written of Chapter 2. I just wasn’t compelled to write. Sorry again. So! Here we go!

Clouds billowed around the dark temple tinted by the darkening sky- a deep red. Gales surrounded the structure in a shield of wind, sending the far off white flowers into a maelstrom of swirling black, red and white.

It died down after the window panes began shaking from their holding, the corners of the glass cracking in long jagged lines that would have converged if the wind continued. DarkLink stepped down off of his perch, one of the towers support beams, and walked over to Ganondorf who was still infatuated with the Olinsita Oblivon.

“This should have worked... Let’s try this again.” He growled, waving a large hand over the worn and tattered yellowing pages. His palm slowly began collecting what light was left in the room, the swinging torches that had rekindled themselves after the intense winds were blown out again as the light in his hand was enveloped by darkness.

“Arugae ne oè kalum ot oblivon. Na horet shalè potempkin. Alanè atu rakshe mènaut holonè xalem!”

Come forth, you who controls the oblivion.
You, ruler of destruction.
Bound of Darkness and Light, you must return!

The book flew back out of his reach, taking in all of the dark energy from Ganondorfs’ palm. The wind shield formed again, the clouds outside swirling with the flowers in their maelstrom all tinted red. It dissipated once more, the same as before.

The book fell in the center of the floor, a dark circle pattern was etched in the ebony marble floor. A large orb that resembled a planet at the very center with four clouds swirling around it caught on the winds zephyrs. Around that were a few more designs, like more detailed renditions of each of the sages symbols, all of which orbited the center orb and clouds.

“Why is she not before us?!” Ganondorf snarled pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Would be pointless to try a third time...” A figure walked up beside DarkLink, placing a hand on his shoulder. “It is aiding his break, after all.”

“So it would seem.” Ganondorf replied to the figure, eyes drawn to DarkLink’s own. A fiery rage burned within them.


Link was sore all over his body, every inch of him ached, but he knew his wounds were healing beneath those bandages. He limped, leaning on Sheik for support as they walked down the steps of Kakariko slowly.

“Thanks... I wouldn’t have made it.” Link laughed at himself, holding his ribs when he felt a sharp pain.

Sheik answered him with a simple, “No trouble.”

They crossed the white stone bridge, Sheik had to reposition Link against himself for the third time since they left the house, due to discomfort.

“Why have you only just come back?” Link asked through his teeth, grimacing as his leg twinged. He tripped slightly on the other foot and his hair fell over his eyes.

“I only just learned of you still being alive. Impa notified me of Ganon’s escape from the Evil Realm... You need another sage, it seems...”

Link’s blue eyes glanced at Sheik.

“Yes, I know about her. I’ve been studying.” He replied quickly, as if he had felt Link’s gaze on the back of his head.

“Do you know how we can bring her here?”


Link’s head hung. “We can’t fully seal him away unless we have her...”

“I said I didn’t know how, not that no one did.”

Once they were closer to the entrance of Castle Town, Link tried walking on his own. “Could we stop at a restaurant?” He requested, looking from Sheik to the entrance.

“I suppose...”

All sorts of cakes and treats glistened behind the glass, which Link almost pressed his face against. His mouth lolled open slightly at the delectable sight.

“I assume you have enough rupees?” Sheik inquired, staring at Link with an agitated look in his visible eye.

“I’ve got some... I won’t get a lot, I guess...” Nodding, Sheik walked inside, Link followed with a look of glee similar to that of a child just given a toy he’s wanted for the past year.

“So who do you think knows how to get her here?” Link poked at a few crumbs on his plate.

“A person. Dead as far as I know.” Sheik leaned back in his chair.

“What good will a dead person do?”

“All the good in the world. This person happened to write a book. Another person found a copy of this book and found a way, based on the original portal spell, a way to bring her through that portal.

“Olinsita Oblivion Part one has the portal opening spell, while Volume two has the actual conjuring spell. We will need both to bring her here.”

Link stared at Sheik, dropping his fork with a shrill clatter on the plate, eyes wide. “...How did you find all this out while not being in Hyrule?”

“For me to know. The point is that we have a way to bring her here now.”

“We should go and tell Zelda, then. I think she has Volume Two... that meeting was over a month ago, though.”

“We should return to the castle, then.”

The both of them stood and left after Link payed all of the rupees he had left in his wallet. Their pace was quick as they walked towards the castle. All of the guards let him pass, but not without a jubilant greeting to their prince.

“I hate this...,” Link told Sheik under his breath just after they passed the last two soldiers at the front. “Sneaking in was better.”

“You cannot expect so much from them. They are but simple soldiers addressing their prince.”

“But I don’t want to be the prince...”

“It will be dealt with.” Sheik opened the rusty side door, and they began their ascension to the top most level.

Zelda was pacing back and forth in one of the long hallways, small archway windows on one side, doors to guest rooms on the other. It curled along one of the outer towers.
“Oh! Li-“ Her mouth dropped open when her eyes locked onto Sheik who stood next to Link. “H-... ho-... how- how?!” She shrieked, pointing forcefully in Sheik’s direction.

“No! No. Don’t he can explain it all!” Link tried to calm her, and stepped closer to her.

“I see...” She murmured, resting her index and middle finger on her lower lip and chin.

“Yeah. Hey, you found the Volume Two of the Oblivion Records, right?”

“Oh? Ah. Yes,” She nodded. “...Why?” Zelda cocked an eyebrow.

“Because there is a way to summon the eighth sage onto this plane with it...”Sheik answered her, stepping forward. “Of course, we would need both volumes to do this.”

“What if that was a mistake?” Link suggested hopefully.

“How do you mean?” Sheik tilted his head quizzically.

“Well, I mean... What if we really don’t need the first volume to pull it off? It’s worth a shot, right?”

“...” Sheik didn’t reply, but gazed sternly at Link.

“I suppose it would not be much trouble to at least try...,” Zelda started, looking at the floor. “For preparation.”

“Very well. For preparation.” Sheik stepped over to them both. “Now where is the book?”

“My room.” Zelda turned, dress spinning around her legs and strutted towards her room at the opposite end of the hallway.

“Do you know how much of a long-shot this is? A very large risk. What if doing this spell prior to the portal spell messes up the entire balance and we are never able to summon her?” Sheik folded his arms at his chest and glared across the hall at Link.

Link sighed. “I know... but we’ve looked for Volume One before. Her- ... Our mother’s journal mentions it, it was here at some point, but we’ve turned the castle library upside down and haven’t found a trace of it.”

“Excuses. A book like that, at least the first one, would not just have a single copy... we will look again, even in shops if we must.”

“It’s to late for that now... We have to get the eighth here as soon as possible, and if this one book can give us that chance, I’m willing to take it.”

Sheik’s gaze wavered momentarily, darting from Link to the window, and back to Link. “You feel very strongly about this... What if it should fail?”

“Then I will take full responsibility. I would have been the one to endanger us all by doing this spell before the other, and no one else can take the blame.”

Seeming content with his answer, Sheik stepped away from the wall and walked over to Link as Zelda’s door opened and closed again. The clacking of her heels on the white tile reverberated through the entire hall until she reached them, holding the book awkwardly.

“Here it is.” She handed it to Sheik.

He took it and ran a hand over the cover, taking off a very thin layer of dust from being left untouched for a week or so. “Good. Now, we will need an open space where nothing can be broken...”

“Wait.” Link spat abruptly, holding his hand up. “I think we should tell the other sages first... Zelda?” He turned to his sister. “...Could you?”

“Of course.”


“The day has finally come... we may be through with Ganondorf sooner then any of us could have anticipated.” Rauru responded to Zelda’s news.

“It is possible the spell may fail... but that was always a risk.” Zelda explained to all of them. “But if we do not try, then Ganondorf’s power will only grow to unimaginable proportions and Hyrule will see its destruction.”

The sages chatted in agreement, their voices calm and filled with anticipation.

“Link and Sheik are making the preparations. We will soon know our fate.”

Rauru nodded. “There is only so much that can be done, even by the sages. We must all keep that in mind during this time, and this battle.”

Zelda and the other sages nodded. “I will see over it.” She stated upon her departure.


“Are you positive it’s all set up right?” Link asked after he moved the last table to the wall in the dining wing.

“Completely. There is not much to it aside from amount of power, concentration, and knowledge.”

“Which is why you’re doing it?”

Sheik gave him a look. “Would you rather I allow you to do this?”

“...No.” Link shook his head.

“Very well then.” He sighed and stood up straight, closing his eyes as he calmed himself. One hand up next to the binding of the book, the other holding it open to the desired page. Separating his legs a bit more so he was standing comfortably, he looked down the row of phrases that needed to be said, and then to the center of the room, eyes closed again.

“A raganaut molania illuminaut poroshei-yu ko orahentgae na tey nillauntra. Oblivon seccher ghengarious phantasma jollonji goria : Arugae ne oè kalum ot oblivon. Na horet shalè potempkin. Alanè atu rakshe mènaut holonè xalem!”

O mighty being, entity of this land, I summon you to this plane.
Oblivion holder, destroyer of virtue and hate:
Come forth, you who controls the oblivion.
You, ruler of destruction.
Bound of Darkness and Light, you must return!

Link took a step back, watching in awe at what was happening.

The book flew from Sheik’s hands in a blast of light, throwing Sheik, he slid across the smooth floor until he hit the wall. The book hovered in mid air, rotating slowly as the pages flipped back and forth, trying to find one in particular.

It fell to the floor with a clatter, all three of them remaining stationary as they awaited a response.

Nothing came.

Link straightened up, and Sheik got to his feet.

“...What was that about?” Link asked, eyes still on the book.

“I’m not sure... but I do not think it worked.” His red eye narrowed and went from the book to Link.

“What has happened?!” Zelda ran into the dining hall. “I heard a loud noise, and then-“ She stopped herself when she saw no third party among the two. “...It did not work.”

“I don’t believe so.” Sheik enforced her fear. “This does not bold well...” He muttered, going over and picking the book up in his arms. “Not well at all...”

“We will have to find Volume one then...” Link muttered, his head hung as he walked out of the hall.

“Where are you going?” Zelda asked, almost following him.

“To the market... He knows why.”

Her eyes darted to Sheik who nodded. “He knows what he is doing... let’s leave it at that...”


Dark Link’s hand twitched at his side, catching Ganondorf’s attention.

He cocked an eyebrow at his adversaries physical twin, but thought no more on it and returned to the book.

His right hand twitched again, itching for the sword to be in his hands. Ganondorf responded to this and walked over to him.

“I would have thought he had more control over you than this... “ Ganondorf looked him over a bit more. “...No matter.” He walked back over to the large throne and seated himself again. “But you will not move again unless ordered.”

The lower corner of Dark Link’s lip twitched in response, but Ganondorf did not notice. His eyes darted through text, skimming every inch of the book for reasons why the spell hadn’t worked before.

“Maybe performing that spell twice was a wrong thing to do...,” He turned to Dark Link again. “But why would that be when he’s got such a strong leash on you? What would the power of oblivion have to do with you? A mere puppet.”

One of Dark Link’s fingers twitched.

“I will find out either way. Whether it be from him, or based on your reaction to when the sage finally reaches this plane.”


Link had managed to get past the guards again without having to say a word to them- thankfully. He dodged around them and passed the gate successfully, and entered the Market without any passers-by addressing him at all.

His eyes scanned the area for anything in particular that may even have resembled a book shop. All he saw was the occasional food stand, the Bombchu Bowling Alley, and bazaar. He asked someone who had bumped him in the shoulder if the market was selling books at all, but they said they hadn’t the slightest clue.

Even more discouraged, he turned and started back for the castle before something caught his eye. At the distance he was from the Temple of Time it seemed like a blob more than anything, but it was definitely a person coming out of it.

He went closer so he could see the figure better. It was a girl, long and lanky. She appeared to be around five-seven so she couldn’t have been terribly young. Her hair was a milky-chocolate color, bowl cut at the top so that the bangs fell around her cheeks.

Two long wavy side burns fell from beneath the bangs, her ears completely concealed by her hair, and fell to her chest (which was brought out a bit more than it should have been by the tight shirt she was adorning) where they had small tufts of straight hair.

It was wavy in the back as well, falling to mid back where, same as the side burns, there was a large bottom layer of straight hair. Her eyes were covered by one of her long, pale hands and boney fingers.

The shirt was lighter than her hair, but not by much. The sleeves stopped just after her shoulders, and the shirt itself ended at her waist. Large white text was written in a language foreign to Link. It glittered, and there seemed to be a picture in the same form as the text, of a cup of tea. A silver cross pendant was around her neck, and another shirt collar started at her collar bone that was worn beneath the brown shirt.

White sleeves protruded from beneath the others and ended at her wrists that seemed oddly thin for someone her age. The girl wore very odd trousers* that ended well past her ankles. A dark green and much to big for her, they started beneath her navel so that the tip of whatever she was wearing underneath showed- hopefully by mistake.

There was a line that connect around both legs that seemed like it could be lifted to reveal something, and just above, as well as under those ‘lifts’ were large pockets. The very bottoms of the pants were torn from excessive use. Her feet were covered with black and red boots, it seemed, made from an odd material and were tied with black and red striped laces.

Once the girl seemed to be walking down the stairs steadily enough, she removed her hand from her face and opened her eyes. The right was green, and the left blue. They widened at something he could not see, perhaps a person she had wanted to meet. Something about the eyes clicked in his mind and a flash from a passage of the Olinsita Oblivion came to mind.

The sage holding the powers of the fourth goddess, Ryo, had long brown hair and two different colored eyes. It is a theory that her right eye; green, was meant to represent Farore, while the left; blue, to represent Nayru.

“...Her... it worked...” His eyes widened as well as he continued watching her in the same bewilderment she was showing. “...She’s here...”

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hell yeh! Ok, another A/N because of the * I only wrote trousers to please a few people that wouldn’t like me writing pants because in some other countries, as well as medivalness, pants means underwear. -^^- That is all

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