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Other main characters: Ganondorf, Older Ganondorf, and Dark Zelda (demon of the Temple of Wishes)

As Ganondorf arrived in the temple.

Ganondorf: Oh man, what a dark and dreary place. I would not want to live here.

???: Ehh, it is not that bad.

Ganondorf: Who are you?

???: Why I am Ganondorf but I am 20 years older than you, Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: How is that possible? How can I be talking to myself when I am right here?

Older Ganondorf: I have been trapped here forever, ever since the beginning of time.

Ganondorf: How did you get trapped here?

Older Ganondorf: I was battling Dark Zelda, the demon of this temple.

Ganondorf: Who is Dark Zelda?

Older Ganondorf: Dark Zelda is the demon of the Temple of Wishes and controller of wishes. In her hands is the weapon of wishes, The Wishing Star, one of the parts needed to create the Dream Blade. When she used The Wishing Star on me, I was sent back to the beginning of time, when Hyrule was created.

Ganondorf: Wow. How can I beat her?

Older Ganondorf: You have your Triforce of Power?

Ganondorf: Yes. Why do you ask?

Older Ganondorf: If we fuse the two triforces, we will create Din's Flaming Arm or the Triforce of Power Dagger. Then you can beat Dark Zelda.

Ganondorf: Cool. Let's create the sword.

Suddenly two beams of light shine forth becoming one and in the light is Din's Flaming Arm.

Older Ganondorf: Now I must go and let you beat her. Don't ask me why I must leave. It was just my destiny to help myself get Din's Flaming Arm.

Ganondorf: Okay.

As Older Ganondorf disappears, another figure appears.

???: Hi. You must be Ganondorf and you have come to take The Wishing Star that I hold in my hand.

Ganondorf: Correct, and you must be Dark Zelda.

Dark Zelda: That is correct.

With a single strike of Din's Flaming Arm, Ganondorf was able to beat Dark Zelda and return to the Sages.

Ganondorf: I have The Wishing Star. Yahoo!

Now as Zelda arrives in the Temple of Nightmares, she falls asleep for it took a lot of energy out of her to travel to the Temple of Nightmares.

Zelda: I think I'm going to fall asleep right now.

As she falls asleep, she thinks about how she gets to travel in a temple now and dreams about peace on Hyrule.

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