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Other Main Characters: Older Link, Ganondorf of the Light, The Sages, Din, Farore, Nayru

Link finds himself not alone and draws out his sword.

Link: Who are you two?

???: Don't be afraid warrior. I am you from the future and this is Ganondorf of the Light, keeper of The Fantasy Wing.

Ganondorf of the Light: How do you do, Link?

Link: Phew. I am guessing you both know why I am here, correct?

Older Link and Ganondorf: Yes.

Older Link: You are here for The Fantasy Wing.

Ganondorf of the Light: You may have it if you beat me in a game of Chess.

Link and Ganondorf play for hours and hours until Link corners Ganondorf with his two rooks and his Queen.

Ganondorf of the Light: You win. You may have The Fantasy Wing.

Older Link: Hold up your hand Link. Triforce of Courage, fuse with the other and create the sword known as Farore's Soil of Life.

The Triforces come together as one and take the shape of a sword in a bright flash of light.

Link: Wow. I never felt so much power in two different swords.

Link is then transported to Hyrule. He then finds himself in a ring of everybody.

Link: Ahh. I thought I would never get back after that Chess game.

Saria: You have The Fantasy Wing?

Link: Yes, I do.

Darunia: Good, now fuse it with The Wishing Star and The Nightmare Storm.

Link: Okay.

Ruto: Once that is done, the blade will call forth the goddesses and fuse the other three swords together as a shield but not before taking a triforce piece from each of them to create The Galaxy Shield.

The three swords, Wishing Star, Nightmare Storm, and Fantasy Wing come at each other and combine together as The Dream Blade in a bright flash of light.

Impa: Now call forth the goddesses.

Link then touches the sword and the goddesses come forth.

Din: Is now the time to create The Galaxy Shield?

Farore: Is now the time for the darkest evil to begone from the world of Hyrule?

Nayru: Is it time to bring back the light to Hyrule?

Rauru: Yes it is.

Goddesses: Then let it be. Swords of the goddesses, become the ancient shield known as The Galaxy Shield.

Part of the swords leave the form of the swords and become together one shield.

Goddesses: Warrior, Princess, Evil King, you must fight as one team to free Hyrule.

Link: Okay.

Zelda: Yes.

Ganondorf: Bring on the demon.

They then leave to go fight the demon up in the sky high above Hyrule.

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