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Chapter Two
“Who to Trust”

Ivan, now a commander-in-chief, was standing just outside of a rebuilt Hyrule castle. It wasn’t exactly rebuilt. It was more of a redecoration and expansion. The castle was black.

He was speaking with an informant, “So, any news on the girl?”

The informant shook his head, “I’m sorry. She’s successfully eluded us for the moment.”

Ivan looked at him, angry, “Ever since you lost sight of his daughter, we’ve been running late. If you don’t find her now, we’ll never be able to succeed!”

The informant bowed apologetically, “I’m very, very sorry, sir.”

Ivan sighed; he looked past his informant and at the ruined marketplace and town. He spoke softly, “Look around you, Vincent; this is what has become of Hyrule. This is what has become of our precious land. It’s full of death, sorrow, and darkness. When was the last time you’ve seen a child smile? When was the last time you’ve heard laughter in these parts? That’s what we’re fighting for, Vincent. I’ve won Link’s trust and run the risk of being caught every single day for that moment...The moment when we’ll finally be able to put this fallen hero to rest.”

He looked back at Vincent, “I want you to recover Link’s daughter and keep her captive...this time, don’t let her escape. It’s been seven years since she escaped our clutches. See to it that she never reaches Hyrule until I say so. We can’t delay any further. Do you understand?”

Vincent stood at attention, he saluted, “Yes, sir!”

Ivan nodded. Vincent turned an about-face and left.

Red walked down another road. His real name was Ken, but he used the name ‘Red’ as an alias, besides, he liked the name.

Red walked on until he heard a voice, “Hey! Help! I’m stuck!”

Red looked to the side of the road. He decided to check it out like any normal person. He looked past the foliage and other debris to find a sixteen year old girl trapped inside a pretty deep hole. Red didn’t realize it, but it was the same girl from the tavern.

Red knelt down by the hole and asked, “So...what are you doing in a hole?”

The girl looked up, surprised to find someone who actually cared enough to try and help, but she was frustrated at the same time, “Well...I fell. What do you think?” she replied angrily.

Red sighed, and shook his head, “If you want me to help, then you should at least sound grateful.”

The girl shot back, “I’ll be ‘grateful’ once I’m out of this hole!”

Red sighed again and reached into the hole. The girl reached her hand up and grabbed on. Red grunted and pulled the girl out of the hole. Shortly afterwards, they were by the side of the road.

The girl spoke, “Thanks.”

Red, happy to finally get the response he deserves, says, “No problem.”

The girl introduced herself, “The names Akari.”

Red nodded, “My names Red.” Akari thought for a moment, “’Red’? That’s a weird name...”

Red looked offended, but then again, it was a name thought up by a drunken tavern owner. “So where are you headed?” he asked.

She pointed down the road and said, “Hyrule. I’ve got to do a few errands there. It’s pretty far, and this is my first time through. I’m not even sure if I’m going the right way...” Red smiled, “Really? I’m headed there as well, so we both must be right.”

She smiled and looked just as surprised as he was, “Oh? What are you going for?” Red thought for a moment and replied, “...uhm, errands.”

He had an idea, “Say, how about you and I travel together? Are you alone?”

Akari nodded in agreement, “Yeah, I’ve traveled alone; it wouldn’t hurt to have someone to talk to once in awhile, you know, with all the killers and thieves running around, it would prove a bit safer to go in numbers.”

Red nodded, “So, we’re travel buddies!” Akari blinked, “Uh...let’s use another about ‘Travel Companions’?”

Red shrugged, “Whatever you say!”

Later, the group of Red and Akari reached a fork in the road. Red stared and pointed left, he walked in that direction. Akari glanced from the road heading right to Red and back again at the road. She hurried towards him, “Uhm...are you sure we’re headed in the right direction?” Red looked at her, “”

Akari blinked, surprised at this, “Wait...don’t you have a map?”

Red shook his head sadly, “I sorta lost it years ago. Why? Do you have map?”

Akari sighed, “...No.”

Red shrugged, “Then let’s go!”

Akari tried again to stop him, “Are...are you sure this is the right direction?” she secretly knew the direction to Hyrule and wanted to head there. Red turned, “I thought this was your first time going to Hyrule...”

Akari thought for a moment and said, “Well, I don’t think it’s smart to travel without a map.”

Red replied quickly, “No one seems to have any maps...I checked the town...I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and I haven’t gotten completely lost yet...”

Akari didn’t want to raise suspicion, she replied, defeated, “Alright, I guess you’re right...let’s get going then.” This was going to be problem for her, she knew it. But she was the best of the Sheikah and she knew she’ll manage, theres a high reward for this guy’s head, and she’ll be the one to receive it.

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