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Chapter Three
“Angels Crying (Part One)”

“When you are in need of power, you shall come see me...”

Those words were trapped in Link’s head as he stared at the tombstone in front of him in disbelief. It had been three weeks since Zelda was murdered. Link held an object in his hands, it was the silver ring. The sky was starting to clear. It had been rainy the past few weeks already, and it looked like the constant depressing drizzle would finally stop.

But didn’t matter. Not to Link anyway. He barely ate. He barely talked. Malon was still in her coma, the sages had tried their best to revive her...all they could do now is wait.

Their warrants for their arrests had already been posted. It was a good thing no one knew to look in the Kokiri Forest.

The grave in front of Link was empty. It was just a symbological grave. The true grave was inside the castle’s private graveyard reserved for the royal family. The graveyard in Kakariko was no longer used due to constant looting.

But that didn’t matter either. Nothing did, really.

Link slowly fell on his knees, but he barely registered that fact. He continued to stare at the grave hoping that maybe...somehow, this was all a horrible dream...a dream that he couldn’t wake up from. He wanted so much for Zelda to wake him from this dream. He wanted so much to wake up as a kid and undue all of this, one step at a time.

Link shivered slightly, he leaned his head forward, resting it on top of the tombstone and cried. He heart ached horribly. He leaned his head back and looked at the sky, closing his eyes, he cried out his sorrow as loudly as he could.

The room was dark; the scent of potions and rare invaluable ingredients stunk up the air. The faint flickering candles caused shadows to slowly dance along the walls.

The elderly woman sat in front of the counter, there was a pipe in her hands. She looked up as the door opened. A bell rung lightly, indicating a customer had entered.

She looked up and smiled, exposing decaying teeth, “Ah, so I was right after all.”

Link stood at the doorway, he didn’t respond and walked towards her, his footsteps seeming to echo around the room. The woman took a quick puff from her pipe and spoke, “I know what you want...power. A way to right those stupid mistakes, correct?”

Link stopped in front of the counter, staring at her intently, “If you knew I was coming, then why don’t you just cut the chatter and give me what I need?”

She nodded, her boney hands rose and she pointed at the book incased in a glass box held up by a tripod, “That book has what you need...go on, take a look.”

Link walked over to the box slowly. He opened the case and hesitantly retrieved the book. He read the title softly to himself, “The Book of Modura.”

He looked at the woman accusingly, “You stole this!”

She nodded, not losing her cool for even a moment, “Yes, I won’t deny that. But then again, I’d think you’d call it even. If I recall correctly, you, too had something precious stolen from you.”

It made sense to Link. He didn’t question it anymore.

He glanced at the woman, “Am I supposed to look for something specific in here?”

She stayed quiet. Link glanced down at the book and began fingering through the pages. Suddenly something caught his eye. He turned a few pages back an stopped on a single page. “I see you’ve found something of interest?”

He did. Written on the pages were ingredients and detailed directions on how to achieve the most controversial spell known to all beings...immortality.

Very daring,” the woman stated, as if reading Link’s mind, “a lot of people have attempted to undertake such a task, but none have succeeded.”

Link shut the book, he looked at the woman suspiciously, “What do you plan on gaining?”

The woman looked genuinely confused, “What do you mean?”

Link didn’t believe she’d part with something this valuable so quickly, “I want to know what’s in it for you. Will I have to do something to repay you?”

“You’re not a very trusting fellow, Link.” She laughed, “The only thing I want you to do is succeed. I ask for nothing more.”

He still didn’t believe her, and it showed. The woman frowned, “Do not fret over these things. I assure you, seeing you achieve such a feat is all the payment I could ever receive.”

She pointed to the door, “Now go. You’re first destination is the city of Meldion. There you shall be tested. There resides a vampire; he has terrorized that city for much too long, if you get my drift. You shall do that town a favor and slay him. Then you shall receive your first ingredient: The Essence of Vampire.”

She reached under the counter and revealed a silver stake. It was extendable at the push of the button placed on the side, “This stake has been cleansed using the water found at the Tower of the Gods. This should be enough to take down anything relating to the undead.”

Link picked up the stake and examined it as the woman smiled and said, “Now, go. Time is always against you. I expect results soon.”

He looked at her for a moment before nodding and walking through the exit, shutting the door behind him.

“I see our boys taken the bait.” A voice sounded from behind the woman, the woman turned, “It was much too easy, Kotake.”

Kotake stepped out from behind the curtains. She was the exact twin of the first woman. Kotake replied shrewdly, “Let’s see if the boy can survive long enough to be of some use, Koume.”

Koume giggled, thinking of the prospect of their plan, “Use the hero’s blood to free our son...ingenious! If he were to gain immortality, we would be able to bring Ganondorf back as many times as needed! We’d seal the boy in the Sacred Realm and keep him there until he is needed, oh, Kotake, you have outdone yourself!”

The two sisters known as Twinrova cackled in delight.

Saria wandered outside of the forest once again. She stood just outside the entrance. She was worried about Link. She wanted to know where he had gone. It wasn’t safe for any of them to venture beyond the forest since the entire kingdom was after their heads.

She heard the whinnies of a horse followed by the sounds of a speedy gallop. She turned to see Link riding past her. Link shot Saria a quick glance as he road past. Time seemed to slow as their eyes met. Link pulled something from his pocket and tossed it over to her as he rode off.

Saria extended her hand and caught the small object. It was the ring. This is Zelda’s ring, why would he give it to me? She thought.

Malon was inside Link’s small treehouse. Her eyes finally opened for the first time in weeks. Her throat was parched. She felt weak and could barely move. She turned her head to the side to find a bouquet of flowers resting on the table beside the bed. She whispered softly, “...Link.”

Days later, Link arrived in Meldion.

He had seen the depression of this city in its full light. The people around him were gray and seemed like walking corpses, neither dead nor alive.

He wandered through the dark halls of the castle where the vampire supposedly dwelled. Link had on his leather green tunic. This was a gift from Zelda. He was told that it was sturdier and more reliable than his regular tunic.

Strapped to his back was a sword he had recently bought, it was the highest quality this city had. Even so, the sword was unreliable; it was still inferior compared to Hylian swords.

He had a quiver of arrows strapped to the left side of his hip. He had the silver stake strapped to his right hip. The stake was held inside its own sheath.

He didn’t have a shield. He found it was too bulky for his tastes now. Instead he had the bow strapped to his back along with the sword in the shield’s place.

The hallways were dank and sinister. Link welcomed the full moon flowing through the windowsills; it helped him see a lot better.

Despite warnings, Link refused to bring a lit torch with him; he knew that to a vampire, it’d be a beacon to home in to. He wasn’t stupid.

He stepped lightly, climbing the twisting stairs to the fourth and highest floor of the castle.

As he reached the end of the stairs, he noticed light flowing from the double doors in front of him. He hesitated before pushing open the doors. Light flowed freely and blinded Link momentarily. Link blinked and tried to adjust his vision. Soon, his eyes adjusted and he could see the room in its full glory.

The room was lined with gold. A chandelier was hung above the room. The hundreds of candles on the chandelier were lit to the fullest. There were mirrors lining key parts of the room to ensure maximum brightness. Coffins lined the sides of the room. Link knew what each held inside. He hoped he wasn’t going to find out whether he was right or not.

He stepped gingerly into the next and last room. Unlike the last room, it was dark; the only light that entered was the light from the predecessing room. Even so, it still wasn’t enough.

Link saw that the room was empty and desolate, much unlike the past room. He took a step forward into the room. It was then that the door behind him closed violently. The sound made him jump in surprise, forcing him to instinctively draw his sword. He cursed; the door was his only exit.

He looked at the lone coffin on the other side of the room. The coffin was unlike anything else in the room. It was decorated richly. Link knew that this was his target.

He reached the coffin and stopped. He examined it for a moment, but knowing enough to keep his distance. Slowly, he built up his nerve and, while gripping his sword tightly, extended his right hand towards the coffin.

He braced himself. His hand neared the coffin; he expected something to happen and made sure to be ready.

Finally, he touched to coffin. Nothing happened. He was curious now. The coffin seemed to be empty.

“...Where...?” he muttered. He began to pull his hand back. Just as he let down his guard, a sinister hand lashed out of the coffin and grabbed his hand.

Link’s eyes widened, his mind tried to register the fact that there was an undead vampire grabbing his hand, but he was too petrified by fear and shock to move. He thought to himself frantically as the coffin’s lid began to disintegrate before his eyes, revealing the origin of the evil hand. MOVE!!! MOVE!!!!

The vampire opened his eyes. His pupils were blood red. He smiled, revealing deadly fangs.

The vampire hissed and spoke in a thick accent, rolling his tongue on the R’s “Trespassing, I see.”

The vampire tilted his head, examining his prey, “Or perhaps...a sacrifice?” he grinned.

Link still couldn’t move. Sweat rolled down his face. The hand holding his sword twitched as he willed it with all his strength to move and fend off this deity of death.

The vampire leaned in nearing Link’s neck. Link’s mind screamed, MOVE!!!!!!!!!

Just before the vampire makes contact, Link swings his sword up and slices off the vampire’s hand, freeing him from his grip.

Link stumbled back as the hand still held on. Link looked at it as the hand began to disintegrate like the coffin lid from before. It turned to sand and flew over to the vampire. The sand formed a hand around the vampire’s stump. The vampire smiled and tested out his reformed hand, he spoke, “ are very different. No one has ever escaped my paralyzing gaze.”

Link seemed to have earned the vampire’s respect. The vampire bowed, “My name is Eloquence. I know why you’re here.”

Link, shaken up, managed to bring his sword up in a defense position.

Eloquence continued, “You have a strong will. But your goals are the same as the many others that have come before you. You wish to gain immortality, correct?”

Link stood silent. Eloquence smirked; he sensed something different about this boy in front of him, “You have something different. A determination I think...” he took a step towards Link. Link backed up into the door, his only exit, sealed. “...Your eyes...they show a determination to accomplish this task no matter what. It is unlike the eyes of your predecessors. This should prove interesting.”

“My eyes...?” Link whispered. Eloquence smiled, “Yes. They are different.”

Eloquence extended his palm out at Link; a breeze blew in from nowhere, “Allow me to show you!!!”

The door behind Link opened; it was like being sucked into a vacuum of air. The room behind forcefully pulled Link in, Link landed hard on his back. He was in the same room lined with gold and coffins.

Link instantly bolted to his feet as the wind followed him and blew out the candles on the chandelier.

Mere seconds afterwards, the coffins around him started to move. Scratches were heard originating from within. Eloquence’s voice boomed around him, “Time to meet your predecessors!!! Will you succeed where they have failed?! I think not!! Let us see if you truly are worthy of immortality!!!”

All the coffins around him blew open at the same time, throwing smoke and dust everywhere. Hisses and undead groans met his ears. Link looked up at the chandelier, then at the mirrors. He had an idea, he had to act fast or else he would join these bloodsucking freaks in the realm of the dead.

Link dropped his sword and drew his bow and an arrow. Suddenly, an undead warrior jumped at him through the smoke, bearing his fangs. Link jumped out of the way as the being disappeared back into the dust. Link landed on his back once more and aimed his arrow upwards. Slowly, his arrow began to fill with light. Link was summoning the power of the Light of Justice: The Legendary Light Arrow.

Link aimed at the mirror hanging directly above him.

As the dust settled, Link saw all the occupants of the coffins hanging above him on the ceiling. Link kept his aim on the mirror and fired, letting his arrow fly. At the same time, the minion vampires jumped. The arrow struck the mirror and threw light every which way. The mirrors around the room reflected the light everywhere.

The light pierced all the vampires as they were just a few inches from Link. They screamed and shattered into dust.

Slowly, the light faded, and Link heard some sarcastic clapping. Link stood up slowly, covered in vampire dust.

“Very impressive...” Eloquence’s voice came from behind Link. Link turned to face his adversary. Link snatched up his sword.

Eloquence spoke, “Well, you’ve passed my first promised; you will get your chance to achieve your dark ambition. But be warned...I won’t hold back!”

Link spoke for the first time since their encounter, “I don’t want it any other way...”

Instead of charging Link like he expected, the vampire extended his palm at Link once again. An orb of light formed in front of his hand. Eloquence spoke, excited joy sounding in his voice, “This my own personal favorite. When used by someone like me, it becomes the most ironic spell on the face of this planet. This attack uses the energy of the heavens themselves, using it against anyone I please. The heavens have no choice but to cooperate as I use this spell to take down their heroes. This spell...I have named Bereavement of the Heavens.”

Link smirked, “When I kill you, I’ll have to learn it.”

Eloquence responded quickly, “That is, IF you kill me. Enough talk! Let’s fight!”

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