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In Return*

Perhaps there have been
Many mistakes
But I am not blind nor deaf
So I know it's my fault
I know the difference
Between what is said and what is meant
But feed me bread
Not irony
Quench my thirst with water
Not my own words
The person I am today
Is completely different
From the boy you knew then
Etching pictures in the sand
I had no place to go
I wanted home...
...but...there was no one...home
No one to hold onto until I was ready
Cowardly witches; they left me, they did!
The storms and dust poisoned my body
I fell
Tore a hole in my heart and mind
And everything just leaked out in my blood
The figure, near the rock
From her lips came a soothing melody
Through her breath
A flute brought me temporary peace
But I had to move on
And I regret what I've become
A monster
A sinner
A demon
Oh God! Take me away
Damn...damn them all
I should have stayed there, in the sand
Better to die slowly than to live and kill
With my heavy head in despair
I heard her song, the desert girl's
But I didn't listen, I didn't care
Beautiful dust shines on the dead
Wide tearful eyes staring up at me
Don't look at me!
Don't look at me anymore!
Voices wavering, accusations and screams rising
Cries and tears fill my head with monotonous images
Blood and bodies
Sobbing, bent figures
And I, too, sob in despair
This is my punishment for my sins
In return
For those bodies

*I wrote this. This is entirely my own work, I am not lying.

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