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Link sprinted from Zora’s River headed for Hyrule castle to tell the princess he had finally found all of the spiritual stone. “Come on Navi lets go” Link called to his fairy. “Slow down Link, I can’t keep up with you” Navi yelled. Link began to get tired and slowed down a little bit allowing Navi to catch up with him. “I wish I had a hoarse or something” Link complained. Link ad no idea what he was getting himself into, but he was a brave kid and probably wouldn’t back out anyway.
The sky turned dark and pellets of rain began to fall from the sky. Lightning flashed in the distant. Link was shocked, the draw bridge was closed. “What the heck! How am I supposed to get in” Link said. “Don’t worry about it we’re still pretty far away. By the time we get there it will probably be morning” reassured Navi. Link started to walk so that he wouldn’t have to sit around by the bridge until morning. ~Wait, isn’t there monsters out at night~ “Navi, there aren’t any skeletons out. It can’t be night!” Link pointed out. “Your right I didn’t notice that” Navi said. ~Something’s wrong~ Link began to get nervous. Link drew his Kokiri sword from its case and readied his deku shield. ~Better safe than sorry~ The wind was blowing at a speed Link have never thought possible, Link put his shield back on his back and held onto his hat. Link now had to use all of his strength to keep walking and not get blown off his feet. ~Something is really wrong~. Link reached the bridge, and the bridge was still up! ~ I started like 5 hours ago it must be dawn by now~. “Navi something isn’t right, there’s no way it can still be night” Link said. “I know” Navi replied. The draw bridge began to open. ~‘bout time~
Link began to walk into the market. ~What the~ There was a horse running full speed at him. Link quickly jumped out of the way, scraping his knee. Link stood up and looked at his knee, it was a pretty good scrape but he would live. ~Damn rock~ Link picked a rock out of the cut wincing as he did. Link turned around. ~What the~. A man was standing there, about seven feet tall with red hair. ~Ganondorf~
Link stumbled back and clumsily drew his sword and shield. “Hey kid, did you see a hoarse come by here…” Ganondorf asked. “Oh, so you want to fight me” Ganondorf laughed. “N-no” Link replied. ~No, I wonna’ kill you~. “T-they went that way” Link said pointing in the opposite direction he saw the horse go. “Thanks Kid”. Ganondorf raised his hand and purple waves began to form. ~What the heck~ He threw the ball of magic at Link. Link fell on his back and screamed in pain both when the magic hit him and when his spine smashed against the ground. Ganondorf’s eyes widened. “What are you staring at” Link asked rubbing his back. Link began to get up and noticed that the kokiris emerald had somehow slipped out of his pocket. ~Oh shit~ Ganondorf jumped down from his hoarse and picked the stone up and dusted it off. “Well, well, well. You wouldn’t happen to know where the rest of these are would you” Ganondorf asked still examining the stone. “NO” answered Link. Ganondorf picked Link up and shook him hard, the other two stones fell from his tunic and into the grasp of the evilest thing ever born. “Give those back” Link commanded. “Ya know, I think I might just keep them” Ganondorf said simply. Ganondorf got on his horse and then road off in search of the horse that had passed by earlier.
“Link, look in the water” Navi said. “There’s something in there”. Link walked over to the stream and saw that there was indeed something in there. “I’ll grab it” Link said as he dove into the water. He came back up with an Ocarina in his left hand. “LINK that’s the ocarina of time” Navi pointed out. “Wow, it really is”. Link stood up and looked at the treasure he had found. “Yah but I still can’t open the door of time” Link remembered. “Yes but that also means that Ganondorf can’t.” Navi said.

“Well I’m gonna go look for that horse” Link said. “Navi, what way did that horse go” Link asked. “They went south” answered Navi. “Well what place would I go if I were on the run from Ganondorf” Link asked himself. ~Lake Hylia, nah. Lon Lon Ranch, nah. Kokiri forest… Yah why not~ “Let’s go to the forest” Link suggested. “Yah! That’s a great place” agreed Navi. Link knew the way to the Kokiri’s home by heart and still thought of it as his home. ~I just can’t believe I took the time to find the spiritual stone just to have them stolen~
“Link look there are hove prints in the dirt” Navi said flying low to the ground. “Great I’m glad that Ganondorf didn’t see them” Link said. “Link those might be his tracks!” pointed out Navi. “Check where they come from” Navi added. Link began to fallow the tracks. “Navi, they take a turn here so they can’t be that white horses tracks” Link said. “Navi 99% of your tips are really irritating but that 1% is the most helpful words I think I’ve ever herd” Link said truthfully. “I don’t know if I should say thanks or if I should call you terrible names” Navi replied. ~Stop getting off track Link, do you have any idea how bad a situation you’re in~ Link shook his head trying to get focused.
The sky had begun to lighten up a little, now you could tell that it was day time because the clouds weren’t in the way of the sun. Link had been walking for several hours now, Kokiri forest was right ahead. ~I can’t wait to see who was riding that hoarse~ Navi flew ahead and went into the tunnel that lead to Kokiri forest.
Link entered the forest and began to search for the horse. ~It should be easy spotting a white horse in a forest~ “Navi you check over that way and by Saria’s house and I’ll check by my house” Link said. Navi listened and flew swiftly in the direction of Saria’s home. ~now let’s see hear~
Link looked behind his house but didn’t find anything. The next place he would check would be the deku tree’s meadow. Link began to run so he could make the 2 jumps across the stream. Link walked by the shop and waved to the kokiri on the roof. Link ran even faster than before and then jumped over the next few chunks of land. Link landed on his feet and continued to run. Link walked into the meadow and saw Zelda and Impa.
Impa was standing over Zelda hugging her and making sure she was ok. “Hey” Link called. “Impa looked up. “Link” Impa yelled. “Did you get the ocarina of time” Zelda asked. “Yah, but Ganondorf stole the spiritual stones from me” Link said.
“He what” Impa asked. “He has 3 of the keys to the door of time and we have 1. That’s just great” Impa said sarcastically. “Calm down” Link said as he walked closer to the two. “He can’t get in” Link said. Link sat down next to them. Zelda was shaking, holding her knees up to her chin.
“You all right” Link asked. “N-no I’m not all right, Ganondorf just…” Zelda couldn’t finish. “It’s ok” Impa said as she hugged Zelda. “What happened” Link asked. Impa sat up and walked away from Zelda. “Come hear Link” Impa ordered. Link sat up and walked to her.
“Ganondorf and his army just took over the castle as you probably would have guessed, in the process he also killed Zelda’s best friends and her father” whispered Impa so Zelda couldn’t hear. Tears began to trickle down Impa’s cheek. “Oh” Link said as he looked at his feet, he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to say anything that would offend them or make them more miserable than they already were. Link slowly walked over to Zelda who still had her knee’s in her dress and was resting her chin on them, rocking back and forth.
Link sat down next to her and tried to comfort her. Link thought about hugging her, but didn’t want her to think he was weird, if it was one thing Link had learned on his adventure it was that nobody likes to get hugged, unless you know them well.
“This is where I got the Kokiri’s emerald” Link said trying to get Zelda to think about something else. Zelda didn’t stop rocking back and forth. Link decided that Zelda wasn’t about to hit him with a frying pan. So he gave Zelda a hug and tried to comfort her as much as possible.

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