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Once a proud man,
I now lie defeated.
Waiting for the end,
By a mere child beaten.

Born to the Gerudos,
Deep inside the desert,
King of them all, I was,
None there was better.

The Triforce I wanted
But couldn't acheive.
For lack of the stones
It could never be.

But thanks to a child,
My dream came true,
He opened the door,
And I just pushed through.

Trapped in the temple,
For seven long years,
The Triforce had broken,
The land was in tears.

Hyrule was mine,
Until the boy rose
No longer a boy,
But a man, not quite full grown.

The child attacked me,
Quite strange, for you see,
The boy was the reason
Hyrule belonged to me.

But still, nonetheless,
I was beaten by him.
Crumbling my tower,
To trap him within.

When that failed to work,
I still was not through.
I started this fight,
I'll finish it too!

But the boy somehow beat me,
Despite all my power.
He left me ashamed,
In my darkest hour.

And now as I wait,
For the final blow to come
Many a thought
Through my head start to run.

Just a child at first,
When I came from the sands,
This pathetic, mere child
Banished me from this land.

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