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A simple boy of the forest,
My path like any other.
Not even a Kokiri,
Abandoned by my mother.

My path grew more and more complex,
A meeting with the Princess.
To stop the man called Ganondorf,
From making Hyrule a mess.

I went to the great Temple,
Zelda was long gone.
Escaped with her caretaker,
I an unwilling pawn.

I drew the sword of Evil's bane,
My body wasn't ready.
Trapped in the Temple for seven years,
Ganon walked right by me.

When all was said and done I found,
Was the long delay worth it?
My body grown, my childhood lost.
The throat of Ganon I want to slit.

Those seven years lost...
Never to be found.
Will ever I regain them?
Does nothing now seem sound?

My life has just one purpose,
Anything for good.
To serve the land of Hyrule
Cost me my childhood.

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