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Our heroes are at the entrance of Heart Woods.

(Enter Sonic, Kirby, & Link.)

Sonic: That was easy.

Link: That's because youu had the Chaos Emeralds.

(Enter Yoshi.)

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi. (I just saw Zelda and she was taking over the mind of some stone creature!)

Link: Oh no. Not Queen Clarisse Goron.

Sonic: Who is that?

Link: Queen Clarisse is one of the most powerful creatures on this planet.

Kirby: Hoya hoya hoya? Hoya hoya hoya hoya. (What are we standing around here for? Let's go get her.)

They then arrive at the village known as Heart Woods Village.
They are then greeted by the queen's son, Reginald.

(Enter Reginald.)

Reginald: Help my mother please Link.

Link: Okay but how?

Reginald: I know my mother's weakness. She is afraid of heights.

Link: Okay but how are we supposed to get her to fly.

(Enter the Goddesses.)

Goddesses: A queen afraid of heights. It sounds like hero time for that cute lovable puffball, Kirby.

Link: How is Kirby going to get the queen to fly?

Din: Easy. He will use his power known as Hammer Kriby.

Farore: You do have your hammer right Link?

Link: Yeah.

Nayru: Give it to Kirby and let him swallow it up.

Link hands over his hammer and Kirby sucks it up and becomes Hammer Kirby.

Goddesses: Now travel through the Heart Woods Temple and fight the demon's hold over the queen.

They then come to the entrance of Heart Woods Temple and they find a door that can't be blown up but smashed with a hammer. Kirby then uses his hammer and breaks the door down and they all find themselves in the fight room with the Queen and Zelda.

Zelda: Get them Clarisse.

Queen: Yes your highness.

Link: Go Kirby.

Sonic: Yeah Kirby.

The queen then charges at Kirby and he sends her flying with an uppercut with his hammer. The queen then finds herself up in a tree made entirely out of stone. Zelda's control over the queen was destroyed.

Queen: Awww. I am afraid of heights. Get me down.

Link: That's enough Kirby.

Kirby: Hoya. (Good.)

Zelda: You may beaten two of my demons but you will never beat me you four useless creatures because I am invincible.

Zelda disappears.

Kirby hands over his hammer back to Link.

Link: Thank you Kirby.

Kirby: Hoya hoya. (You're welcome.)

LInk & company then use the sword and find that the blade points to the east to Club Mountain Temple. Who knows what trials await them there at Club Mountain.

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