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Our heroes find themselves at Club Mountain as they try to climb up the steep mountain.

(Enter Link, Kirby, Sonic, & Yoshi.)

Link: This mountain is really steep.

Sonic: Tell me about it. I am the world's fastest hedgehog and I can't even climb that.

Kirby: Hoya hoya? (Where's Yoshi?)

Link: Yoshi, where are you?

In a far place they hear a sound.

Yoshi (echoing): Yoshi. (Here.)

Link: Where are you?

Yoshi (echoing): Yoshi yoshi yoshi yo-yoshi. (At the top of the mountain.)

Link: What!!? You are at the top of the mountain? How are you up there?

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi. (I used my Egg Roll attack to roll up the mountain.)

Link: Come down here and help us get up to the temple.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (I can't.)

Link: Why not?

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi. (I am only strong enough to bring myself up here.)

Link: Rats. Goddesses come forth.

(Enter the Goddesses.)

Sonic: How are we going to get up the mountain?

Din: You're not going up the mountain.

Farore: For now it's Hero Time for Yoshi.

Nayru: And Yoshi must beat the demon by itself and not get help from anybody else.

Link: But who is the demon?

Din: The demon is known as Prince Metas.

Link: Prince Metas is a Rito prince of the mountain.

Farore: Zelda used her touch to take control of Metas and as we recall Metas is allergic to eggs, correct?

Link: Yeah so?

Nayru: Yoshi can lay eggs and throw them at Metas.

Sonic: I see what you mean Goddesses. Yoshi, you are going to have to do this on your own. The whole entire area is too steep for us to even get up there.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Okay.)

Yoshi then enters the Club Mountain Temple and finds himself in a room with two creatures in the room.

(Enter Zelda and Metas.)

Zelda: Attack my pet.

Metas: Yes, master.

Metas swoops down to attack Yoshi and Yoshi hits him with an egg.

Metas: Oh no. I am allergic to eggs.

Zelda: Get him.

Metas attacked again and again until he was covered in egg from Yoshi. Yoshi then struck Metas one final time and finished him off and broke the spell off of him that Zelda casted on him.

Metas: You must be a friend of Link's. Here take this Angel's Feather. It will give you the ability to fly in the sky and use your attacks in the sky.

Yoshi then starts to roll down the mountain when suddenly he heard a sound from behind. There was a rock slide and Yoshi was in the path of it.

Goddesses: Yoshi use your Angel's Feather.

Yoshi then used the Angel's Feather and got some wings on his boots and quickly flew down the mountain and picked everybody up with his new found ability. They then used the sword and it pointed toward Diamond Earth Temple at which it was said that was where Babi was sealed. They then realized that Link would be the next contestant in Hero Time.

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