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The rain had been pouring down hard on the ground. Not a person was in sight, as they all took shelter into their homes for the night. Aside from the smacking noises the rain drops made as they hit the ground, the streets were silent.

Link ran down the streets as fast as his ten year old legs could carry him. He put an arm over his head, trying to keep the rain drops from falling on his face. He could barely see past all the rain and the streets were only lit be a few lamps, which made it even harder for the child to see. Times like these made the young Link he was back in old tree house, with a roof over his head.

As Link kept running, he had noticed an alley way. Thinking he might be able to find a tarp, or something to get him out of this rain, he ran down the alley. He then turned a corner and suddenly came to a stop in front of a house. “Dead end…” was all that went through his young mind. He did have thoughts of knocking on the door of any house that he saw to see if he could take shelter, but the last thing he wanted was to be intrusive.

He then turned around, deciding to look elsewhere for some kind of shelter. As he took a step forward, he heard a door creak open behind him and a voice speak out in surprise, “Oh my…” This had startled Link a little, as he slowly turned around to see a young, beautiful woman in her mid-twenties looking at him. She had on a lovely looking dress, with a blue shawl draped around her shoulders. “Please, child, come inside.” She spoke softly, as she walked over to him, placing a warm and welcoming hand in front of him.

Inside the woman’s home, Link was sitting down at the table, with one hand holding onto the towel that was wrapped around him to help him dry off and keep warm. He lifted a spoonful of hot soup into his mouth before placing the spoon into the now empty bowl. He then grabbed his glass of Lon Lon milk, and finished the remainder of it. Link then turned his head to see the woman sitting by him, her hand merged together, smiling ever so cheerfully at him. “Why is she looking at me,” Link thought to himself, “Is there something on my face?” Trying not to be obvious, Link slowly wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. If there was something on his face, he hoped that he had gotten it off.

The woman let out a little giggle, causing Link to look back at her. “You obviously are not from around her, are you? Where are you from, little one?” She asked, smiling at him. He looked at her for a moment, wanting to say something, but couldn’t as his eyes looked down. “It’s alright, Link, you don’t need to say anything.” She said sincerely.

Link’s eyes shot back up at her. He had not told her his name, so he could not figure out why she knew. He looked at her intently, his eyes shimmering. If his eyes were able to speak, they would be asking how she had known his name. The woman let out a soft laughter, knowing that she had left him in a curious state. “There is not a person here who doesn’t know you.” She responded finally. “You are known for always helping others. You are always willing to go that extra mile just to put a smile on a complete stranger’s face.” She murmured, as she rested her chin on her hand, gazing at Link with admiration.

“Am I really that well known?” Link thought to himself, blushing. Link then noticed a shiny object hanging from her neck. He hadn’t noticed it until now.

“Oh, this little thing?” She muttered as she held it up. It was a small medallion that appeared to be shaped like an angel. “This is just a good luck charm.” She smiled. Link then smiled back, as he thought it was rather pretty.

The woman then led Link to his room. “You may sleep here tonight. It may not be much, but it sure beats sleeping it on the rain.” She said cheerfully. A small smile appeared on Link’s face as he looked up, with gratitude sparkling from his baby blue eyes. She couldn’t help but think how adorable he looked at that moment. “It is no trouble, really. Actually, I am the only one who lives here, so it is quite nice to have some company.” She stated. She smiled at him sincerely as she placed a hand on his shoulder. “Good night, Link.” With that, she walked out of the room so Link could get some sleep.

Link crawled into the warm and comfortable bed. He lied down, resting his head on the pillow, as he pulled the covers over his body. He looked up at the ceiling, lost in his thoughts. The sound of the rain could be heard hammering away on the window behind him. All he could think of is how lucky he was to stumble upon the nice lady. It was true; he had helped many people, though he never expected anything in return. He couldn’t help but feel how nice it was for someone to be taking care of him this time. He sighed happily as he got himself cozy and closed his eyes.

Link opened his eyes as the warm, morning sunshine greeted him. He slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes. He then took his hands away from his eyes. They widened as he inspected his surroundings. The room he had been sleeping was completely run down. There were holes in the ceiling and on the walls. The covers he was under was completely worn. “What is going on?” Link thought, as he ran out of the room. The rest of the house was even in worse shape. The whole house looked ancient; it was in horrible condition. Glass was broken, and there was dirt everywhere. Link frantically searched for the woman, but could not find her.

“It was all a dream?” This thought was racing through his head. Link did not know what was going on. He walked out of the house and could hear the townsfolk bustling about. Link then started to decide that maybe he just dreamed that lady up. “But, it felt real…” Link thought as he looked down. He let out a gasp as he noticed something tucked under his shirt. He pulled it out, noticing it was hanging around his neck.

His eyes widened at the sight of the angel medallion that he was holding. He knew it, the night before was real. He could not wrap his small mind around the fact that there was no trace of the woman, and the nice house he slept in looked over a century old. The medallion sparkled in his eyes, as he was captivated by it. Link then turned his gaze up at the sky. “…an angel.” He spoke ever so softly with his cute voice as a smile grew on his face. He tucked the medallion back under his shirt and walked away from the old home, continuing his adventure with a new light in his eyes.

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