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Clay guy: La la la- huh?

A claw raised up from the ground.

Clay guy: Oh your not clay. Oh well welcome to klayworld

Monster: RRRRRRGGHHHH!!!!!


It slashed the clay guy into pieces.

Clay Guy 2: Hello Alien.


Clay Guy 2: Well my name is Howard.

The clay guy raised his hand out to say hello.

But the Alien slashed him.

Clay Guy 3: Oh no its an Alien!

Clay Guy 4: I'll take care of this. Hey who you think you are!?

But the Alien smashed him.

All Clay Guys: AAAAHHHH Alien is gonna get me!

But one stayed behind because he's stupid.

Stupid Clay: Alien got me! The Alien g- Oh no oh-

The Alien slashed him in half before the clay guy can say anything.

Clay Guy 5: I think we lost him.

Clay Guy 6: Yeah.

The Alien grabed the 5th clay guy.

Clay Guy 5: Woah! It got me!

Clay Guy 6: Ah! Your on your own!

Clay Guy 5: Woah-

The Alien turned him into a ball.

Clay Guy 6: Hmmm thats pretty good I like that.

The Alien bowed.

Clay Guy6: Make me a dog!

The Alien turned the ball into a skateboard.

Clay Guy 6:....That's a gay dog.


Clay Guy 6: Wh-what is that a gun I mean-

The alien ramed him over.

Knoxs Present: Knoxs Klay World 0_0

Monster: hmmm hmm hm hm?

The monster looked at the newspaper.

Clay Guy 7: Hey are you the newspaper monster?

The newspaper monster looked at the clay guy and the newspaper.

Clay Guy 7: You don't know? Here take this. Don't eat it!

The newspaper monster nodded

The newspaper monster looked at it. It said: Please get to the end of the table please 0_0

The newspaper stand tehre for a while. Then he ate the paper.

Clay Guy 7: Hey didn't I say not to eat it!?

Clay Guy 8: Here you go.

Chris: What does your card say?

Micheal: Ummmm. Wh- What! It says I can't come!

Note: You can't come hahaahha

Chris: Well I guess its me and the robot.

Micheal: Scew this

Clay Guy 7: Well I'm glad you can all make it. So-

The clay guy's word is interupted by a fight. A little short guy and a robot was fighting each other. The little guy was grabbing his neck. As the robot was running around.

Clay Guy 8: Guys?

Jacob: Ummm is this where were suppose to be?

He asked the newspaper monster.

But the monster didn't respond

Instead he walked away

Jacob: Hey hey! Answer me!

Dr Bob: I'm being good!

Clay Guy 7: That's nice Dr. Bob. Hate these guys...

Clay Guy 8: Aw great the tree hand thing is fighting the yellow seed.

The tree hand thing and the big long thing are in a battle position.

Yellow Seed: I know you've been talking about my momma.

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