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Link sees an island in plain sight. The island was Chaos Fire. Then he sees a sword pointing downward to the bottom of the sea. He then sees beautiful diamonds imbeded in the sword hilt. He picks up the sword and suddenly Nayru appears. "You have just drawn The Diamond Dragon which gives you the ability to have wishes dealing with water and ice come true that you ask of the blade." Link then arrives at Chaos Fire Island and notices a creature of red color and a pair of gloves with spikes on the end laying on the ground. He then notices that the creature's heart was stolen too. Suddenly, Tikal comes to Chaos Fire Island. "Ahh you're here Link. Oh my, Chaos has now two hearts. What is it trying to do?" "I don't know Tikal, but it is going to stop.", says Link, "right now." Link then goes up the mountain that on the island and notices a bridge of fire. "I wish there was a bridge of ice instead of a bridge of fire." Suddenly, the sword he found flashes and it summons forth clouds in the sky above and it freezes the fire and turns it into red ice just like in Ice Cavern in LoZ: OoT. Link then crosses the bridge and enters a cave and finds on the ground in the cave is a beautiful medal that looks like it has been broken. He then picks it up and then suddenly it levitates itself and places itself into The Diamond Dragon. Nayru suddenly reappears. "You now have the ability to do Dragon's Rage, which allows you to strike your opponents 10 times without missing. Link then goes deeper into the cave and sees a dragon laying down on the ground. Link swears to himself that he met this dragon before but he does not know where. The dragon wakes up and screams and roars. Tikal then enters and says, "I see you met our guardian, Volvagia." "Volvagia?", Link ponders to himself. "I heard that name somewhere before, but where?" He then looks at the wall and notices a picture of a man holding a hammer and smashing a dragon's head with it. "That's me!", Link yells out loud. He remembers now. In his past life he defeated a dragon by the name of Volvagia. He then pleads for forgiveness from Volvagia. Volvagia then notices that this Link in front of him is different than the Link that defeated it. Volvagia forgives Link and roars in the ancient Hylian tongue, "You are forgiven." Volvagia then spirals upward and gives Link another medal to go with the one he found. Nayru suddenly rereappears. "You now have learned Dragon's Claw, which increases your attack every time you succeed in striking your opponent." Tikal then says, "Now go to Chaos Spirit Islands. There are three of them. You have visited two of the 12 Chaos Islands." Link then gets in his boat and takes off.

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