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We find Link on the beach of the first of the three Chaos Spirit Islands. "Ahh. This is relaxing," says Link. He then gets up and walks toward the jungle on the island and finds a two-tailed creature. "That's strange. Foxes don't have two tails," Link thinks to himself. He then taps the creature and it doesn't move. He then turns the creature over and finds blood on his hand. "Oh my word. This creature has no heart," Link yells. Tikal comes up and says, "Oh no. Not Tails, guardian of the Spirit Islands of Chaos. Tails had the ability to fly and now without a heart, he isn't free to fly anymore. Link, go talk to Koume and Kotake, the witches of the islands of these parts." "Okay. Where can I find them?", Link asks. "Go to the other two islands and find the Cave of Heat and Cave of Freeze.", Tikal explains to Link. "Okay." Link then jumps in his boat and goes to the next island of the Chaos Spirit Islands and notices that the island is hot. So hot that his normal arrows become Fire Arrows. He then comes up to a cave and finds a witch with hair of fire. "Come in young one.", the witch says. "Oh no, not you.", the witch shrieks. "Listen, I already ran into Volvagia and begged for forgiveness. I ask the same from you because it was my past life that harmed you not me.", Link explains to the witch. "I'm sorry. My name is Koume, Witch of Flames and Heat. You are here for the medallion to let you do Fire Blazer which let's you set things on fire from a distance with your sword. You shall have it", Koume tells Link. "Now go to the next Island and get the medallion that will let you use Ice Storm which freezes anything with your sword." Link leaves and gets in his boat. Link arrives at the last island and finds himself freezing. he then faints and a woman flying on a broom comes up and says, "Oh my. A boy frozen here on my island. I'll take him to may cave and see if he has anything to let him warm up." Link wakes up half an hour later and notices a fire in a cave full of ice that keeps the cave cold but lets the inhabitants be nice and warm. "Ahh. I see you just woke up Link, Hero of Winds. If you look beside you, you will see that there is a medallion beside. It will let you do Ice Storm. Now go and save the three that have already lost thier hearts to Chaos. I am Kotake, Witch of Ice and Cold." Link then leaves with the medallion and leaves behind a silver rupee for the witch to have for warming him up in her cave of ice. Link then finds in his boat another part of the medallion he found at first which gives him the ability to use Dragon's Outrage, an attack that lets him paralyze his opponents but leaves him dizzy for a while. Link then leaves for the next island or set of islands in the Chaos Archepelogo.

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