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Link decides to head north and he runs into a creature with three hearts. "You must be Chaos," said Link. Chaos shrieks a scream loud enough to bust some eardrums. Another creature comes in and says, "Hurry, use the power of the Dragon's Rage." Link calls upon the medallion to activate the power of Dragon's Rage. He successfully strikes Chaos 10 times. Chaos then disappears but not before taking the other creature's heart. Link goes on to pick the creature up and takes the creature to Tikal at Chao Island so Link heads back south toward Chao Island. Link arrives no sooner than noon at Chao Island. "Tikal, who is this?," Link asks. "Oh my. That is the guardian of Water Chaos Island, Amy. Her island is to the north of here. You better take her back to Water Chaos Island and then talk to Morpha. Morpha is the spirit of the water and he will grant you the medallion to use Dragon's Wave which allows you to create tidal waves anywhere no matter where you are." "Thanks Tikal. I'll take her back to Water Chaos Island and then I'll talk to Morpha." Link gets back in his boat and heads back to the north and then he arrives at an island. An ameoba waits for him to land on the island. "Oh my, are you Morpha?," Link asks the ameoba. The ameoba draws in the sand: Yes I am. I see you made it to here Link. Come with me and bring Amy. I know what's going on and why Chaos is stealing hearts of the ones that saved his islands. They then arrive at Morpha's cave. On a side of Morpha's cave is a chalkboard. Morpha then writes: Link, Chaos is the god of these islands and protector of the Chao. If ever he sees destruction, he will take the hearts of the ones that did the destruction. We also name him God of Destruction. The ones with the missing hearts all saved his islands and now are being hurt by Chaos for he took their hearts. It is said that if Chaos can get 12 hearts, he will be able to destroy the world. Legend has of a way to retrieve the hearts that were stolen by using Chaos Control, the ancient magic of stopping time. Then you can steal back what was stolen. Here take this medallion and protect these islands with its magic. Now go east and visit Shadow Chaos Island and its guardian, Shadow, and its spirit, Bongo Bongo. They will help you even more than I can. Link then leaves and goes to his boat and notices a medallion in the sand. He then picks it up and he learns how to do Dragon's Twister. He gets in his boat and travels eastward wondering if can get help at Shadow Chaos Island.

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