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“It’s Ivy,” Sophitia frowned, as she and Taki walked towards the open field where the estranged woman stood.

“Who is that boy?” Sophitia asked as they both stood out of sight. Ivy was about to fight a small boy and this irked Sophitia the wrong way. She was not going to stand there and let Ivy terrorize a boy.

Taki then raised her arm in front of Sophitia, halting her progress forward. “Wait,” she mumbled as she couldn’t help but be intrigued by the little one.

Sophitia stood in awe at the sight of him standing up to Ivy so well. “Who is this child?” She thought. She then gasped as it appeared that Ivy was ready to finish him. “That’s it,” Sophitia said in a heated tone as she was ready to step in.

This time, Taki made no attempt to stop her. After taking only a few steps, Sophitia then stopped as the child seemed to have escaped her grasp. The boy then charged at Ivy. What followed left Taki and Sophitia in disbelief.

“He won…”

They knew there was something special about that child and hoped to know more about him.

Ivy was ever so reluctant to be part of the newly formed team. The only thing that kept her with them was the child known as Link. Like Sophitia and Taki, Ivy knew there was more to the small boy than meets the eye. The air of mystery that surrounded Link had her glued close to his side, wanting to know what brought him to their land.

Link walked a few steps ahead of the three women as they made their way through the town. Link had never spoken a word with them around so far. They were baffled to be around a kid that had nothing to say.

“So, can you tell us more about yourself?” Sophitia asked as she caught up with his stride. Link looked upwards at her with a little redness in his cheeks. He then looked at her regretfully, unable to say anything. Sophitia just smile down at him, “It’s alright, you can tell us when you are ready.”

The sun was setting as they finally reached the outskirts of town. They were all in agreement of setting up camp for the night out in the field.

The stars had littered the sky with their sparkling glory, and Link sat underneath them almost in a trance-like state. In one hand, he held out his angel medallion as the stars twinkled in his eyes. He looked up into the heavens as if he was awaiting a sign.

“That is a beautiful medallion you have,” Sophitia murmured, leaning over his shoulder. Link let out a gasp as he snapped his head back. “Oops, didn’t mean to startle you,” she apologized as she took a seat on the cool grass beside him.

Sophitia wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging them to her chest. “It is a beautiful night, don’t you think?” She said, trying to start a conversation with him. Link looked at her with a smile, agreeing with her, before looking back at the sky. Link did not take notice that Sophitia was staring at him, smiling, as she secretly held admiration for him. She hadn’t known him for even a day, yet she felt like wrapping her arms around him and holding him tightly.

“Good night,” she smiled, as she stood up. Link gave her a smile, wishing her a good night in his own way.

After a while, Link had finally gone to sleep. He had been tossing a turning in a cold sweat. Only the Goddesses knew what he was dreaming about. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open as he breathed heavily under his blanket. His attention was then diverted to something he could sense coming near. Near his head was wear his sword was kept. He reached out a hand to grab it and slowly pulled it out of its sheath.

“Haaahh...!” He let out as he quickly shot up, swinging his sword at a dagger that would have gone right through his heart. The dagger flew back where it came and was caught with ease by a figure shrouded in the dark.

“You really are good,” Taki let out as she finally revealed herself to Link. Link looked in shock as he saw Taki before her. He then lowered his weapon, wondering why she tried to kill him.

“I knew you would stop that,” she told him confidently. She walked up to him, standing only a few feet away as she sat down cross-legged before Link. He had a puzzled look on his face as he finally sat down in front of her. There was silence among them as her eyes searched through his like she had just lost something. Link was starting to get nervous, but still kept his eyes locked on hers.

“You certainly are a strong one,” she stated, “There is an innocence about you, yet I see a warrior’s soul inside,” Taki finished.

Link did not know what to make of what she said.

“You’ve traveled a long distance to get here, haven’t you?” She asked. Link just gave her a nod. “You, too, have been sensing the growing evil? That evil resonates from a blade called the Soul Edge. It is a demonic sword that has ruined many lives,” Taki then paused for a moment, letting Link absorb everything. “You and I are alike, child. Both of us have traversed to this place to seek down the wicked blade and destroy it,” Taki finished.

“I am quite glad that fate would have us meet. Never in my day have I met a child who had faced such hard trials that most grown-ups couldn’t even imagine. You are truly an inspiration,” Taki added. Link was taken back a little, blushing at her compliment. In one smooth motion, Taki had uncrossed her legs and stood straight up as she unsheathed bother her daggers.

“Please, grant me the opportunity of challenging one with talents such as yours,” she smiled, looking at him almost pleadingly.

Link looked at her before finally standing up. Making the decision to not grab his sword, he brought up his sword ready to grant Taki her request. Taki grinned as she showed a little excitement at that prospect of challenging him. They both took their stance as they locked onto each other’s eyes. A gentle breezy blew past them, waiting for that imaginary bell to signal the start of the battle. They both then grinned as they charged towards each other. Sparks flew as their blades collided.

The sound they made had stirred Ivy and Sophitia. Their eyes were slowly greeted to the battle before them. Sophitia and Ivy were unaware of each other as there eyes could not be pried from such a battle.

Both of them were more interested in the mystery that was Link than their actual battle.

“Where does he come from,” Sophitia thought.

“Why has he here?” Ivy whispered to herself.

Both had come across many strangers in their past, but none had intrigued them more than the boy in front of them.

As they watched for a little while longer, the noises from Link and Taki’s battle started to lull them back to sleep.

“Excellent!” Taki managed to let out, as the two pushed each other back a little. Both of them breathed heavily as they were both eager to continue. “Shahh!” Take cried out as she leaped into the air, ready to strike Link with a kick. He saw this coming and quickly rolled to the side, missing her attack. As he shot up to his feet, both charged at each other once more with their blades locking together.

Taki looked into his baby blue eyes, as she smiled. Both struggled to get the upper hand on each other as they stood their in a stale mate. “You work together with your blade well, little one,” she commented as she noticed that he was getting a little tired from little sleep. She started to feel a little guilty about this, so she decided to let their stale mate stand.

“That is enough for the night,” Take mentioned. Link looked up at her as they both lowered their guard.

“Thank you,” Taki said, extending out her hand after placing her weapons back in their sheaths. Link extended his hand to hers and shook it. “I am honoured to have you help us destroy the cursed blade,” Taki told him.

Link just smiled at her as they let go of each other’s hand. Taki then bowed to him before turning around and walking to her spot on the ground where she would sleep for the remainder of the night.

Link then walked back to where his homemade bed was. He put his sword back in its sheath as he lied back down and put the covers over him. Link rolled onto his side, looking ahead of him. He started thinking of the Soul Edge Taki told him about.

“So, that is the source of the evil.” He thought to himself, confirming his previous suspicions.

Link took out his medallion and placed his gaze upon it. He started to wonder that maybe Taki, Ivy, and Sophitia were perhaps angels sent to protect him on his journey. With that thought still in his head, he closed his eyes as he started to drift off into his dreams.

To be continued...

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