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{piano intro}

Sweet memories flood my soul.
Lovely is the image of your face.
How could I tell you that I need
something more?

Burning fire fills the void of icy emptyness
I know that I'm right,
please try not to fight,
I will have my say...

Thank you for all of your sweet ''hello''s
I love you for when you paused and chose
my heart
{my heart}
and soul
{and soul}
I thank you for those
and know this, you say that I'm just strange
as I dance in the pouring rain
Regardless, I love you,
now tell me, do you... me too?

It's funny, I lie awake at night,
thinking of who and why.

The little things just confuse me more.

You seem to not mind
though I may waste your time,
such a burden, to watch after me...

{chorus 1x}

{piano solo}


into your arms, I will stay
into the eternal darkness,
I know you'll be there, keeping the shadows away...

{Chorus 2x}

*if anyone has some ideas for songs, plz help! it's not for the site, I'm just running out of ideas for songs, and my manager expects me to keep 'em coming! thnx. much love to all of you!*

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