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They are still battling who gets to be leader.

Pokey was charging one of the clay guy but the clay guy grabbed him. He turned Pokey upside down and smashed his head on the ground.

The newspaper monster looked at the battle which he is not involved in.

He saw Henry knocked one of the clay guy down with his army helmet.

Henry signed his finger a peice

Chris is getting elbowed by Dr. Bob.

Then the newspapermonster started to yell.

Newspapermonster: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Everyone looked at him.

He held out a sign. It says piece on it.

Everyone went "AWWWWWW"

Then Dr. Bob punched one of the clay guy to death.

Newspapermonster: You morons! What are you retarted? Your killing all of our best men! Come on with a plan before we all die.

The newspapermonster walked away. Then he looked back.

Newspapermonster: Oh and I'm the leader.

Henry: I forgot all about the Alien. Alright guys we gotta listen to him.

Dr. Bob: alirght.

Plan time!

Dr. Bob: What's with the cheeze?

Chris: I already explain this to you. When the alien gets the cheeze the basket is gonna fall on him. An- What are you doing Dr. Bob?

Dr. Bob: I'm gonna color the cheeze red.

Chris: Alright go ahead.

Then Pokey got in the tape

Henry: Aw Poikey got in the tape again.

All Clay Guys: POKEY! ahhaahah.

Henry: I don't think he can breathe.

Dr. Bob: Okay I finished coloring it.

Henry: So what now?

Chris: Well I guess we gotta wait.

Then the party talked about there life.

Dr. Bob: They beat me up they beat me up! All because they wanted to be Rudolf. And so this day I decided to become a doctor. But I kill people.

Chris: You can always try again.

Dr. Bob: But I kill people!

Chris: Oh yeah you do sorry.

Chris and the Robot.

They are playing the patty cake song.

I will not eat them hear and there, I will not eat them anywhere, I will not eat a mouse I will not eat the anywhere.

All Clay Guys: ahhaah Ya!!!!!!!

All Clay Guys: Pokey haha hes good!

Pokey break dance as he twirled around and around nonstop.

All Clay Guy: ahhaha... ah. ummmm. ehem.

Dr. Bob: I think hes stuck.

So they put a rock on him.

They all fell asleep.

Then the alien was climbing up the table.

Alien was makeing some alien sound. Then he noticed the cheese. He went over there to get the cheeze.

Henry: Pss!! hes gonna get the cheeze!

Dr. Bob: Yeah I know!

Chris; The basket is gonna fall on him!

The alien pulled the string and the basket fell down.

But the basket missed the alien.

Then the alien turned around and saw the group.

Dr. Bob: Well boys he won't be killing anymore.

Everyone looked at him.

Then the alien attacked.

All Clay Guys: AAAAAHHH!!!! I dont wanna die! Oh no!

Micheal: I'm a kung fu fighing machine and I'm comming to save the day!

Chris: Oh god...

Micheal: i don't need weapon to take down monsters like you. I... I have arms!

Henry came out with two guns.

Henry: Okay step aside let a pro handle this.

Micheal: No!! This is my fight!

Henry: Didn't you get beat up by a rat?

Micheal: That rat was tough! He had friends!

They continue to argue.

Henry: Oh forget this. DIE!!!!


There was no bullet holes on the alien not one.

Henry dropped the gun.

Henry: I guess it only works on clay people...

The alien slashed his leg and threw his body aside.

Dr. Bob: I can fix him!

Chris: Probably already dead.

Micheal: Say hello to the face of death and thats me!

Micheal jumped off from the top desk and landed on the aliens head.

As the alien tried to get him down by moving his head.

Micheal nearly fell down and was at the end of the aliens head.

The alien turend his head 5 time hitting Micheal.

Micheal: Ooo ow eeh!

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