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Micheal: Oh okay I give you one last chance to surrender ok?

Micheal was on the floor putting his feet on the air trying to kick the alien.

The alien grabbed his leg

Micheal: Oh no what are you doing ahhh!!!

The alien twisted his legs.

Micheal: Aww man I look like a mermaid.

Chris went by his side for his aid.

Chris: Actaully its a merman. I think your fighting days are over.

Newspapermonster: Scew this all clay people for themselves! i told you guys not to fight but now were scewed...

He walked away.

All the clay men looked at him as he walked away with awe.

Dr Bob: He- Hey! I don't appreciate wh- what your doing!

As he talked to the alien.

Then the alien grabbed Dr. Bob.

Dr. Bob: Oh no ahhh!!

Dr. Bob was squished.

Dr. Bob: hyi!

As he went to chris side.

Micheal: hahaah what happen to you.

Dr. Bob: Whefll I fafjl f

Chris: We don't know what your saying Dr. Bob.

Then the alien send in another attack to the party.

Dr. Bob: OKay stop. stop stop! Okay you know you dont want this?

The alien clamed down a bit.

Dr. Bob: See? I fixed the problem.

But Dr. Bob was squished by the aliens foot.

Dr. Bob was dead.

Alien: RRRRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

Micheal: AAAHHH I don't wanna die!!

All the rest of the clay guys: AAAHHH!!

Then there was a stabbing noise.

Alien: RGH?


The alien fell down dead.

Then there was a dog that saved them.

Then all of the clay guys look at the alien's leg.

Chris: A pencil? All we needed was a pencil?

Micheal: Hey thank you over there!

Chris: Yeah thanks.

Dog: Wah!

Micheal: Okay you can go now...

Dog: Wah!

Micheal: Go away. Do not make me come over there.

Dog: Wah!

Micheal: What you said to me?

As he crawled toward the dog.

Micheal: Alright talk to me! Thats what I thought you aint talking now!

Dog: Wah!

Micheal: Alright alrigh- AAHH!!!

A knife stabbed him was pulled toward the person who stabbed Micheal.

It teared Micheal into pieces and Micheal was dead.

Another version of Freddy Crouger killed Micheal.

Newspapermonster came back form gummy land

Newspapermonster: oops forgot my bag.

Then he crashed into the monster.

Monster: EEEEGHH!!

As it fell on top of the alien.

Newspapermonster: uh oh!

All Clay guys including alien: ahahahhhahahahahahahah

Then the alien was dead forever.

The End!

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