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Link sat up against his bed in his little Kokiri house. He sat there, twiddling his thumbs in small circles to keep off boredom. He sigh as he stood up and walked over to the tally marks on the wall. He made another mark. He paused.
He counted the lines. He counted them again. He smiled. "The day has finally come!" he said calmly yet happily.
Then he ran out of his house and screamed, "The day has finally come!"
Today was the day that he would finally get to see Zelda again. After seven long years, he would get to see Zelda again.
Link jumped down from the balcony of his house and ran to the exit of the forest but was them stopped by Saria.
"Where do you think you're going?" she said holding out her hand in front of her, flatly.
"Saria, today's the day I'll get to see Zelda again! Remember? Seven years ago, she sent me back?"
Saria smiled. "Yes! Yes I do! Well....what are you waiting for? Go get her!"
Link darted out of the forest. As soon as he hit Hyrule Feild, he stopped dead in his tracks. He had forgotten how beautiful it was! The crisp air, the wonderful view, and Epona.
Link remembered, Epona! He played Epona's Song and saw her majestically gallop into view on the horizon. Link smiled and patted Epona on her head. "Good girl! You waited for me all these years."
Link mounted Epona and rode her off to Hyrule Castle. When he got there, he sent Epona back to Lon Lon Ranch. He would see Malon later. He crossed the moat and before he knew it, was in the center of Hyrule Market. The people he had seen as a boy were still there, only a little older. He was too eager to see Zelda that he didn't say hi or play a game or buy anything. He just ran off to the castle.
It wasn't hard to get past the guards. Link was relieved when he knew that his sneaky skills have not gotten dull.
Link got up to the place where he had woken up Talon so long ago. He knew he was too big to fit through the tiny hole, but he didn't want to mess up the door to his right either. So he crawled up to the hole and punched the wood out into a bunch of pieces.
He was surprised to see that there were no guards anywhere. He walked over to the square bushes. There was no one.
Then Link got up to the double fountains and froze. He saw Zelda there on the left fountain, playing with the water as she sat on the ledge.
Link wanted to run up and hold her in his arms forever, but thought of a better idea. Just because he was excited to see Zelda, doesn't mean his love for pranks has diminished.
He snuck up closely behind her. Then, at the top of his lungs, screamed "BOO!" right behind her as he put his hands on her shoulders.
Zelda screamed and grabbed Link's hand and flipped him over into the water.
Link bolted upright and spit out a mouthful of water, "Zelda it's me! Link!"
Zelda's eyes went wide as she smiled widely. "Oh Link!" she said as she jumped on him, knocking him back into the water.
Zelda and Link jumped out of the water as they hugged for the first time in seven....well actually...ever! (Remember on OoT, Link and Zelda never really hugged)
Then someone yelled, "Hey you! Kid! Get away from the princess!"
Link looked up and saw that they were surrounded by a bunch of guards holding up their spears to Link. Zelda turned around and said, "It's ok, he's an old friend."
"Oh, sorry, Princess, we just heard you scream, just wanted to make sure you were alright." said the guard.
"Link, I was just about to pick some flower. Want to join me?" asked Zelda.
"Of course. I'd be honored." said Link, playfully bowing.
In the courtyard, Zelda and Link were picking flowers. Link spotted a perfect flower. It was the perfect mix of blue any yellow and had a little green line in the middle of the two.
As he reached for it, he placed his hand on Zelda's who was also reaching for the same flower. They both looked at their hands, then at each other. Then they slowly moved in for a kiss that was interrupted by a man's voice.
"Zelda!" it called.
Zelda pushed link away and bolted up. "Hello, Roy. What are you doing here?"
"Just seeing how you were." he looked at Link who was on the ground with a confused look on his face. "And who are you?"
Zelda ran up to Roy and said "This is Link. Hero of Time and close friend of mine." Zelda laughed at her unintentional rhyme.
"Zelda.....who is this?" asked Link, getting a closer look at the man. (I'll make it short, it looked Like Marth from Smash Bros. but had red hair like Roy's)
"Oh....uh...Link this is...Roy. He’s..." Zelda hesitated.
"I'm her fiancée," Roy finished her.
Link's body froze. He felt the blood inside of him freeze and his heart stop. "WH-What?"
"I'm her fiancée. Are you deaf?"
"Roy!" Zelda turned to Roy and then to Link, "Link, let me explain-"
"There's no need for an explanation." Link interrupted her. His voice was shaky and cracking. Almost like he was about to cry. "Well...Roy...nice to meet you...”
With that, Link darted past Zelda and Roy. Zelda tried to catch up with him, but she could not match the endurance of Link's. Especially in high-heeled shoes.
Outside of the castle, Link was running out in the field. It was already night and a bit chilly. Link rand faster so that the water in his eyes could easily explained by his fast running and cold air.
But when he got up to the forest entrance, he stopped to catch his breath. Yet the water still stayed in his eyes.
Finally, Link had to admit it to himself. He was crying.

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