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Link was at home packing for the many trips he would take. He had to find a way convince the woman he loved to not marry someone else. This would be an adventure that in itself. Somehow he would get Zelda to choose him over someone who was rich, handsome, and more sophisticated than him.
Link finally crammed his last black tunic into his bag. He had packed his red, blue, whitish-purplish, and black tunics along with boots and shields. He swung the bag over his left shoulder as he walked out the door.
Before he left, he stopped by Saria's house to thank her. He was reluctant to enter, but finally let himself in. Saria was sitting on her bed, reading a book. She looked up, "Hey Link! How've you been?" she noticed the traveling bag on his shoulder, "Going somewhere?"
"I took your advice. I went to see someone who has been dumped." said Link as he put his bag down and sat on the little tree stump.
"Really? That's great. And how did Ruto take it?"
"Ruto? I didn't talk to Ruto. I talked to Malon."
"Malon? I was referring to Ruto. But as long as it worked, I guess it doesn't matter. So what are you going to do? Stay at the castle with her until she gets married?"
"Something like that. Zelda and I are going to visit the five temples. Just for old time sake."
"You mean six temples?"
"No, we aren't going to visit the Temple of Time."
Saria got up from her bed. "Well Link, if you ever change her mind, then you would've even proved me wrong."
"What!? You don't think I can do it?"
"I never meant that. I'm just saying, I have my doubts."
"Well, so much for your support!" Link grabbed the bag and stomped out the door. Saria didn't chase after him. She knew there was nothing she could say or do that would help.
Link walked out of the forest and called Epona. She came, of course. He would ride her to the castle, then walk back to the forest temple. Just to talk.

Back at the castle......
"I'm so glad you and Link decided to spend some time together!" said Impa in the doorway of Zelda's room.
"Thanks Impa! I am too." Zelda put her neatly folded clothes in her little traveling bag.
"How long will you be gone?"
"Two months."
"Two months! Wow. Will Roy be able to keep away from you that long?"
Zelda didn't say anything. "Zelda, you did tell him......didn't you?"
"N-no" Zelda finally managed to say.
"What! Why?!"
"Look, we both know that me being away with another man for two months away from him does not go very well with his temper. Just tell him...I don't know....that I'm on official royal business."
"Of course. Where will you be?"
"I don't know. Link hasn't told me yet."
"Well, whatever happens, I will always take care of you."
Zelda smiled and gave her a hug.

At the castle entrance.....
Link dismounted Epona. "Good Girl." Link said as he patted her on the head. He pointed her in the direction of the watering hole to the right. Link was hesitant when he approached the castle gate.
"Uhh...I'm here for Zelda." he said looking down at his boots.
The guard in front of him obviously didn't like Link. "I don't care who you are or if you think you're special, but here you will call your Zelda Your Highness or Princess Zelda in respect."
Link felt as if each word were a needle that had pierced through his chest. He finally looked up and saw that the guard was no guard. It was actually, none other than, Prince Roy.
Link, immediately remembering who it was, got down on one knee and bowed his head in respect to him. "Link is it?" he asked. His voice was calm, but still sounded like thunder to Link. The man he only met a few days ago, still felt like an enemy he would hate forever to Link.
"Yes. I am Link." He said as he stood up to face him.
"Well, here for Zelda are you? I don't think so."
"You heard me! Are you still deaf like you were last time? I said no."
"Why is that? Me and Zelda had plans for the next two months."
"Yes well, like an outfit that doesn't fit anymore, your plans are just big for a small, below average, fairy-forest boy like you." Roy circled him. Looking at him to see his features. "To be with a princess for two months!"
Zelda was running into view down the path to the gate. The gate made a loud metal sound as she opened it. "What's going on?" she asked.
"I was just leaving." said Link as he was about to turn around.
"Leaving! Why?" said Zelda trying to stop him.
"Because, darling, he can't be with someone such as yourself. Let him go." said Roy, turning around, his cape flying.
"No! Link and I have plans. I want to go with him! Please."
"For two months! Never! I can't bear to be away from you that long." Roy swooped up to grab Zelda's hands.
"Roy please. We'll only be gone for a few weeks."
Roy looked uncertain for a moment, but finally gave in. "Alright. Fine, you can go. Just keep your hands off of her! You hear me?!"
Link swallowed hard as he saw Roy give Zelda a kiss goodbye. Roy was making all the moves as Zelda just stood there with her mouth closed. Her eyes were open, looking at Link who was trying to look away for as long a possible.
"Ok, we're off!" said Zelda, gladly getting able to get away from Roy.
Link and Zelda walked through the market and into the field. Zelda hadn't seen it for a long time. She was happy to be there again.
They started walking towards the forest. Neither of them spoke. It was an awkward silence.
Finally, Link broke the silence by saying, "I had a dream last night."
"A dream?" Zelda said almost immediately, "Do tell."
(Note: This is an actual dream my friend had. I will write it just as she had described it. With a little more detail of course.)
"Well, I was at Lake Hylia. I was at school there."
"A school at Lake Hylia? Where?"
"Where the fishing pond was. Everyone was different." Link thought back harder. "No....I was the only one different. The other student's ears were....round." Link felt the tip his right ear as he talked. "Even the teacher's ears were round."
"Go on."
"All the students looked the same. The boys and girls were wearing the same clothes and I was the only one there with what I am wearing now. They all stared at me, silently. Then they all burst out laughing in an instant. Even the teacher. 'Elf ears! Elf ears!' they all chanted as they pointed at me."
"Just for being different?"
Link nodded, "But then I saw you. You came out of nowhere, and you stood up. We were young kids at the time. 'How dare you! I have elf ears too!' I heard you saw as you took off your head thing. Then everyone was silent, and they all sat down and the teacher started the lesson again. If you hadn't have been there......I don't know......what I would've done. I felt so alone." Link closed his eyes as they began to sting. Then felt the warmth of Zelda's embrace as she comforted him.
"Link.....You are never alone." she said softly, as they approached the entrance to the temple......

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