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(acoustic guitar opening)

I waited so patiently for you.
You simply give me a passing glance
As you go again.

You say it's all for me.
You say you really care,
But in the long run,
How will I know?

Take all the still-frames
In your head,
And make a picture.
Hold on to it tight.
My face will stay inside your mind
If you keep it picture-perfect.
I'll be right here...

Past lives are so underrated.
I still remember when you held me.
But it was too much for you.
Or was it?

Do you? Don't you?
Come on, tell me.
I need to know.

(instrumental/ guitar solo)

Tell me,will you

(chorus, soft and gentle)

(chorus, louder and more climactic)

(guitar slows and calms)

If you keep it picture perfect,
I'll be right here...

*That was the worst peice-o-flea-bitten crap I have ever written! EVER! I am ashamed! And this is supposed to represent Zelda!! I can't be too hard on myself though. I still think it sounds really pretty, cuz I barely write songs on my acoustic anymore... I just came home and started to strum on my guitar when this crap came out. Oh, well. I'll probably just make another song for Zelda. Until then, R&R please, but NO flaming. I already know how horrible it is.*

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