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Legacy Lizalfos
Bye Torch Blackrose
Chapter 1, pt 1
In Hyrule, there are many Races, although only three are considered “master races” and their relatives and by the standards of those three, the others are inferior. A slave force if you will. These three races, the humans (hylians, geredue and kokiri.), the zora and the gorons were nor the Great Noble races that were mentioned in legends. Many races are overlooked in hyrule, mostly considered to be mindless animals. Races such as the scrubs, the forest children(forget the names) and the focus of this story, the lizalfos.
“FIRE” screamed the captain as a catapult strap was cut, the boulder of a missle went into the swarm of hylian pike men sending soldiers flinging through the air with the explosion of the powder in the rock. “Draw your swords men! We are out of ammo and the front lines need us!” commanded the captain. The men did so, Torch included. Drawing their swords they charged into the masses of soldiers, not unlike tar as they pulled you in and almost assured death. Torch was slashing as a man came up behind him with a large axe, as he turned to defend with his broad sword, the axe had knocked it clean on the ground. Before the axe man could take his axe up and swing it back down, Torch drew his knife from his belt and sheathed it right into the neck of his opponent.
He picked up his sword and turned to face three more men. Then he heard the horn. The horn signifying a retreat. He began to run, then seeing Infernous wounded on the ground, he helped him up and they ran through the woods. The worst was not over yet. But it would get worse. Much worse.

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