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Final Goodbye~

Crystal blue eyes-
Rosy pink lips-
Soft blond hair-
Glowing bright face-
It's time to say goodbye-
I'll miss this time and space-
I never want to leave you-
I hate these words goodbye-
All across my kingdom-
Over this vast land-
Our love must now be done-
Hold my trembling hand-
I stare into your eyes-
Your heart, beats mine beats twice-
It's written in the stars-
I now cry tears of ice-
The fight, it has been won-
The trials, they have passed-
The battle now is done-
Time, it moves so fast-
And now, I must return you, to your former home-
I wish we could never leave here, and remain united as one-
I hate to leave you, my heart is torn-
My tears I now shall hide-
This is stinging like a thorn-
My soul, it hurts inside-
And now with all my might, I must solomnly try-
And now, these foolish feelings, must dissapear, must die-
As he takes my hands I say my
As she takes my hands I say my

~ Final Goodbye~

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