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The pharaoh has finally decided to leave to a new land. Yami needed some time to think. He finally remembered everything. His father died when he was 17 years old. He took over as egypt's new king. He worked hard to protect his land and became a worthy pharaoh. His job was done, but as a reward the gods let him live his life all over again. Yugi returned Yami’s puzzle when he was incarnated. He wasn’t that happy that Yami had to leave. Tea wasn’t either when she realized that she should come as well because she couldn’t stand that Yugi fell for Rebecca and they both became girlfriend and boyfriend. Tea and Yami hopped on their horses and left.
“Pharaoh, are you ok?” Tea asked him.
“I’m fine. I was thinking.Tell me Tea why did you came with me? I think your mad about Yugi and Rebec...”
“Please don’t mention her name.” Tea interupted the pharaoh.
The two of them keep riding in silence for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile in the past. fifty thousand years ago in Hyrule Princess Zelda was thinking over. She remember when she was small that her father and some king of Egypt were talking. She still remembered the conversation.
“My boy and your girl will make a great couple. Yami will be pharaoh of Egypt soon and your daughter the queen of Hyrule. why don’t we marry them and we will unite.” My father was happy with the idea that I didn’t denied at it. When he heard that Yami’s father was killed a week ago her father stayed silence for a whole week.Zelda started crying nonstop she never meet the young man her father will soon make her marry.
“No I do not care. You wil find Yami. Egypt and Hyrule need him. Are you sure he banished? How could that be. Use the power of the trifoerce and bring him back. Zelda and Yami will marry.” Zelda heard her father yelling in the hallway.
“ Right away, sire!” the page said and ran to the temple of time.
Yami and Tea stopped for the night.They were camping in the dessert.
“Yami... would you like have something to eat?” Tea asked the pharaoh, who was sitting inside his tent.
“No thanks I’m not hungry” He replied saddly.
“What’s wrong. You can trust me.”
Yami slowly smile and began to tell her what he remeber.
“When I existed back in Egypt I...was engaged to this princess. She was from a kingdom called Hyrule.
As they were talking a white light appeared outside.
“What was that?” Tea asked frighten
“I’m not sure. Stay in here.”
Yami peeked and saw another flash of light but this time Tea and Yami fell unconscious.

“Sire I found the pharaoh, but there was a girl with him too. I don’t think their a couple so I brough her too.”The page told the king of hyrule when he returned from the future. “I guess Yami was sent to the future. Well... get him dressed in his pharaoh clothes.Tell Zelda to lend the girl some clothes,too.”
Zelda slowly peeked at the hall. There she saw the guards holding
a brown short haired girl and a hamsome young man. They seemed to be unconscious. Zelda ran to her room when she saw the page and the guards were heading her way. Minutes after she locked herself in her room she hear a knock on the door. It was the page.
“Your highness, orders from your father. Please make this young lady presentable for an important meeting.”
“A meeting? Who will attend?”The princess demanded.
“The hero of time, the sages, your father, kafei and Anju, and the pharaoh of Egypt himself.”
“The pharaoh? I though he was killed a week ago.”Zelda asked puzzled.
“This is the son of the pharaoh. He was crown last week after the funeral and banished mysteriusly, and now he is back. No if you excuse me your highness I have other buisness to attent to.”
The princess desmisded them and the guards placed tea on Zelda’s bed.

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