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A.N.- Alright, I'm here to explain to you that have read my other fics that this is very different. It's not a romance *gasp* but it is an angsty gorey fic. And no I do not hate Link... This is for mere enjoyment of my sadist side. I also am not going to delete this. I might put this on hiatus but this is for my boredom. Not a task that Im going to do because I can't get it out of my head. I also want to annouce...
I usually do not do this, but flames are absolutely accepted in this case, and actually encouraged in some parts, but only for my own laughter.
This fic can also be very serious at some points and others can be very sarcastic. If this is insulting please feel free to flame (see the encouragement?) and never read this again. Now let me let you read this beautifully optimistic story *cough* sarcasm *cough*...
The Meeting... (or another reason why you shouldn't join the army)

Rain poured down like bullets. Thunder rolled on as lightning flashed through the night, lighting the darkened sky and revealing the bloody corpses of the fields.

The land was nothing but blood smeared grass and the rotting smell of death all around the place. Only one person seemed to be living in the giant mass of earth covered in blood, bodies, and sopping rain.

This one living being, gasped for breath as he dropped his bloodied sword onto the ground. He sighed as his light blue eyes swerved over at the arrow that pierced his shoulder. He moved his armored hand struggled to remove the arrow piercing his shoulder. In one quick pull, he ripped out the arrow, gasping as his own blood flew out along with it. He sighed again and made a smile at the irony.

“Never trust the advice of a king,” he noted to himself in a raspy voice.

He struggled to stand. He grunted as he began to remove the leather straps that held his armor together, and underneath revealed his dirty, torn, and blood soaked tunic that used to be a forest green before what was obviously a battle started. The man tried to soothe himself of the numbing pain as he began to look around.

“I try to do one simple thing to impress the Princess of Hyrule, and this is where I end up,” he mumbled as he looked up at the stormy heavens above.

“The goddesses must have cursed me for eternity,” he mumbled.

He lowered his head and looked around.

No one… Everything around him was dead. The only life on this cruel battlefield was he. At this point he decided that this was probably the end.

But he said that the last time he was sent into this heated battle with some foreign country across the seas. If he were lucky, he would be found by the enemy, sent to a jail cell and then executed in the end.
He knew he was being more pessimistic than usual, but this was quite expected after being left as the only survivor after a horrible battle in the middle of nowhere.

“Well, end this now I guess,” he said. He pulled the bloody sword from another dead corpse’s hand and raised it with as much strength as he could muster. His arms ached with so much pain that he could hardly lift anything without struggling.

But before he could commit suicide, his pointed ears perked beneath his large mass of dirty blonde hair as they caught the sound of heavy footsteps. He turned around, lowering his sword, but still holding it tightly in his hand. He looked over to see what appeared to be a group of large figures walking towards him.

The man tried to urge his eyes to find out who these figures were, but there was hardly any light.

Lightning flashed, giving him the answer as he raised his sword and widened his stance as a large group of moblins walked over towards him.

“Hero of time” grunted the one pig monster as both Link and the group recognized each other. Link bit his lip as he struggled to stand.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, as he knew this was the worst time in the world to see a group of moblins walking his way. A couple hours ago, or what it seemed like to him, he would’ve loved the chance to have an opponent to fight.

They walked up to him stopping as he gripped his sword tightly in front of him. His eyes narrowed.

“Your leader is gone, don’t waste your time,” he said in a fierce tone.

He removed himself of all the fear of what would happen if the moblins would attack. But he couldn’t remove himself the curiosity of why these monsters were on a land that they had no use going to, except for the fact of revenge. That gave Link his answer.

He moved his sword behind him ready for an attack, but he could hear more footsteps behind him as he turned around and whipped his sword out, impaling the moblin. Link reminisced in sight and smell of blood once more.
The pig monsters hesitated, seeing the death of their fallen friend. Link eyes narrowed, as he looked at both sides with his sword weakly in his hands.

Unfortunately, after the horrendous battle, Link knew the last of his bit of energy was draining very quickly. His breaths came panted as his arms and legs ached with pain as they shook under his and the sword’s weight.

These monsters could sense Link’s weakness right now and a row moved forwards, their staff’s held high and ready to strike. Link made a quick and weak spin attack that knocked them back.

They came forward as if unaffected by the blow that Link struck at them as he swung his sword. He began in a simple pattern of swinging his sword, knocking the monsters back and turning around to repeat.

After time, Link was even more exhausted and every single moblin was on the ground like the dead bodies from the war.

He heard footsteps again, but this time they were lighter. He turned around to see a figure dressed in black run up to him. He tried to raise his sword, but the figure quickly struck him in the chest with the hilt of its sword. The force was so strong that Link was knocked to the ground.

Arms pulled him up to his feet as he realized as he was being carried off by the moblins that managed to survive his attacks. He struggled to let go of him, but they were too strong while he couldn’t lift his sword, which was taken by the black figure.

Now Link could see as the black figure removed the black cloth around its mouth to realize it was a gerudo woman. He noticed that her long hair was tied in braids and she had fiery yellow cat-like eyes.

“Take him back to the hut,” she replied simply and did something that Link saw only one other person do, which was make a crack as she disappeared into a puff of smoke.

He was practically dragged across the fields of corpses. It was a horrifying sight to see. Link tried to think of all the possible ways to try and escape this horror, but he felt like he had no more control over his own body. He felt to weak and too tired to stay awake, but refused to fall asleep in hopes of anything to try and escape.

He was carried by these monsters into the endless field for hours, until the sky cleared and the morning mist arouse, but the smell of blood and death could still be smelt by Link’s clothes and the wounded moblins.

They came upon a small cabin, as Link realized what the woman said by ‘the hut’. The pig monsters walked up to the hut and knocked on the door. Link heard the voice of the woman again say, “Come in” as the door opened.

Link looked inside to see a table set like a regular kitchen. But a large and amazingly tall figure sat at the table, along with the woman. But Link wasn’t focused on the woman. He was immediately glaring at his worst enemy. The figure turned around with a grin.

“Welcome hero.”

Link gritted his teeth.


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