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After saving termina, Link was wondering if Fierce Deity was as dangerous as majora. "Who could identify this mask?" said Link. Tatl was flashing and said "Why don't you ask the man with the masks." Link ran to the clock tower and asked the salesman, "What kind of mask is this?" The man replied, "five hundred years ago before Majora was born, Fierce Deity had taken control all over Hyrule and Termina. If he or she uses this mask again the evil may be permanent." Since the man told his story, Link was scared of the mask that destroyed Majora. Link and Tatl went for a walk to snowhead. On the way, five poes captured Link and took him to the Temple. When he woke up he was near an edge of a lava pit and the poes were getting closer. Link was surrounded and couldn't find anything to stop him except for Fierce Deity's Mask.

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