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She charged at the demon sword draw in one hand an ax in the other ready to cleave. Zelda knew she was a beginner but the Kokori sword that Link gave her was charged with power. She slashed wildly at the demon taking a dull hit to it’s skull but she felt a blade slash through her shoulder. The piercing heat and tormenting anguish spreading through her body. She knew she was immortal but she wished she would just die. She let out a glass-shattering scream through the castle. Zelda awoke yet once again from a prophetic dream. Link came charging in the door sword drawn and ready to strike, mirror shield to block anything, he asked “ what happened?” Zelda replied “ its the dreams they,” she trailed off. Zelda been keeping a secret from these prophetic dreams that she would be going through this, not Link. Link asked “ the dreams they what?” Zelda told Link“ there’s something I’ve been keeping from you, these dreams that I’m having they shouldn’t concern you. These dreams they deal with me.” Link was dumbfounded “ are you serious?” Zelda replied,” yes, unfortunately” Link got up and walked out side to Hyrule field. He called Epona and rode over to Hylia Lake. Zelda got up and walked to the kitchen. She wasn’t really hungry but she knew she needed to eat. She picked up a donut and ate it. She walked to Hyrlue market. She was looking through clothes rack when a child ran up to her. She turned her focus to the child. The child whispered “ Its back” and collapsed. Zelda bent down and turned the child over to notice a dagger engraved deeply into her back. She looked at her face and notices her skin looked fake. Zelda realized it was a mask. Zelda yanked off the mask, she screamed loudly.
It was Saria, Zelda dropped her and teleported to Lake Hylia, and she ran to Link, screaming. Link saw Zelda and ran to her. “What’s wrong?” Link questioned. Zelda barely managed to chock out the words. “Saria dead.” She unpleasantly watched the color drain from his face. Just then an explosion was herd from the fire temple. Link knew what that was. He played bolero of fire and teleported to the fire temple. He noticed a big change in Death Mountain. Sure the heat was still there only more intense, and he was in the middle of an eruption. He charged into the room where he last battled Volvigia. He found Volvigia eating Draiuna he chocked out the words “ its back” and was never seen again. He played serenade of water, and teleported back to Hylia Lake. He jumped into the water but realized there was no water. He fell flat on his face, “ouch.” Just then the water temple exploded. Sending Link flying towards the lake house. Zelda teleported back to the castle. Link stood up and noticed a blue figure in debris. It was Ruto, she whispered “ its back, its come to destroy us all.” The distained zora collapsed. Link looked around and all of a sudden darkness fell across the land. “ The shadow temple,” and at that he teleported to the graveyard, something was disrupting his concentration on the shadow temple because of earthquakes everywhere. Wait those were the punishing blows of Bongo Bongo. A scream shot out through the temple and he knew Impa was dead. He immediately teleported to the sprit temple, all to find but a burning wasteland with Nabooro’s head on a pike. A note was on the ground, Link picked it up and read,
Dear Link,
Good luck.
, Majora.
Link looked up and quickly blocked a blow from the cursed sword of dark Link. Having his golden gauntlets equipped he pulled out his megaton hammer and threw it hitting the dark copy between the eyes. There was another note, he picked it up hastily, read it, and looked up. “Not again...” He took a second glance at the note
Curse you
Same time same place scum.
The moon was falling again. He called Epona and rode away to Termina. He felt hi bag become much heavier. “ The masks there back. The moon hit clock town with a dead force and destroyed every building He quickly put on the goron mask knowing that gorons can sustain much heat. After the blow he took off the goron mask and clutched the fierce deity mask. He caught a glimpse of the evil mask he jammed down the mask that was going to be the downfall of majora. The familiar transformation went on with much more pain and anguish. Energy was draining him but it all went away. He stood up a power sword in his hands he targeted majora an unleashed a huge magic wave. He knew this would really mess him up. An evil cackle was heard all though the land, the magic wave rebounded messing Oni-link up really badly. A flaming inferno was unleashed by majora. This flame was different in was a psychogenetic he could see exactly what Zelda was doing she was running down a corridor with the small kokori sword he gave her and a small ax. The way she was running it looked like she was determined to kill something. He saw it a demon holding a 12-inch blade strait out. Zelda completely unaware of the blade ran strait into it. Link got up not wanting to see anymore of that unmediated crap he took the power sword and stabbed at majora. Instead of feeling victory he felt his own blade piercing his stomach the pain unbearable. He herd the cured mask shriek “ you scratched my paint job” “shut up” Oni-link removed the blade and stabbed it into the mask bed (the back) the mask was paralyzed. It collapsed dead “ you will die 3 hours from now” Oni-link placed his foot over the mask and crushed it “ not from you any ways” he tried to remove the fierce deity mask but it was stuck. He gave up and teleported to Zelda. He cast a healing spell and helped her up. “Link what’s wrong with you, you look different.” Link opened his mouth to respond but he knew his different voice would scare Zelda. So he hoarsely whispered, “ mask” and collapsed from blood loss. Zelda teleported them back to the castle and got some medical supplies. She cleaned out his wound and cast a healing spell. He woke up two hours later. He went out to the courtyard to relax he was out there for 45 minutes when Zelda came out “ are you ok?” He didn’t budge. She looked into his eyes, she saw signed of life. She sat with him for another 15 minutes when a storm brewed “ we better go inside. Oni-Link didn’t budge. A bolt of lightning struck his throat. Zelda franticly searched for signs of life. It was without a doubt the death of Link.


2 weeks later they had links funeral everyone from termina and hyrule. After every one left Zelda was standing at the coffin. She turned around and started to walk away. She heard the faint words “ you will die in three hours.”

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