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Underneath the opression, but with the good always the bad
it's getting better every second that I know you and it's so true
that's true,

No, please don't tell me no because I'm so in love with you
No, don't never smile again because that's what I most enjoy

As I cross over to you, my heart swells with deep passion
And if I want to will you let me embrace you every single day
that's right,

No, your touch is so tender and I long for it for eternity
No, please don't run away, I would only chase you till I die

Say, say you'll let me be by you for all of the time I live
Say, say you'll kiss me and let me be your lover

I want to spread my wings, and feathers lightly caress you
And with me I see the dawning of a new era that holds you
that's right,

No, don't ever sell your soul, because I want it for myself
No, I won't ever let you go because you see I want you so badly

Say, say unto me you'll forever be always with me
Take all the world and subtract the frowns and I'll get you

Say, say I will take the whole universe we hold
And I will unto you forever love you and I'll always feel that way

I'll always feel that way
I will never change
I'll always feel that way
And I'll forever be with you
I'll always feel that way

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