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She charged side by side with Link. She stalled for a moment to get behind him. She noticed that he had the biggons sword out. She felt a sharp pain in her arm. She turned to see she had been clipped by links shield. She awoke with a start. Panting and sweating she murmured, “Oh it was just a dream.”
Zelda got out of bed and walked to her mirror. She spoke aloud, “for a princess I’m having very tragic dreams.” She walked to her mother. “ Mommy it happened again, the same dream.” Alexa’s mother awoke with a start “ again the same dream?” Zelda was scared. She knew what it meant, for she knew that it would some time happen. She had been having these prophetic dreams over and over countless times. Her mother exclaimed ”Zelda you’ve been having this same dream. It doesn’t mean any thing.” Zelda replied, “ I don’t know. I have this strong feeling something bad is going to happen.” Her mom scolded her “ Zelda go get some more sleep. I assure you nothing bad is going to happen.” Alex replied “okay. Fine you win.” She walked back to her room. Mansion is more like the word. She had the smallest room and it was still as big as a mansion. “Zelda lay back down, but couldn’t get to sleep. She lay there for 5 minutes. She finally got up and looked into her mirror and realized she was a mess. Her hair bunched up, her green eyes bloodshot. Zelda was still tired. So she got back in bed, she began to slip off in a deep sleep.
There she was in the same corridor. She ran forward running for her life. She tripped on an upturned stone and woke up. She starred into the eyes of her nanny. She exclaimed, “ Are you all right? I heard you scream and I came to see what it was” Zelda groggily got up and responded “no I’m fine it was just a dream” her nanny backed out and said ”oh I just came to see if you were all right.” Zelda ran outside “yea I’m fine.” She ran out forgetting how dark the world has existence out of the castle. She felt the darkness coursing though her veins. She began to feel weak. She trudged to the lake toward her friend’s house. She exclaimed, “Good I over came the dark side once again. She ran over to her friend’s house and pounded on the door. ”Link its me!” Waiting for Link to come out she fiddled with some grass. Link walked out of his house. “What are you doing here?” Link was Zelda’s boyfriend but she had had some problems. Link screamed “I don’t ever want to see you here again!” he shoved her back into the darkness. She could feel the darkness close around her. She was knocked over unconscious.
She awoke with a strong feeling of hatred. She was over come by the darkness. She bashed Links’s house down. Link screamed, “Get out! “Zelda pinned Link to the wall by his through and started punching him in the face. Link an inch from death pulled out his dagger and slashed her arm. She fell down unconscious. She awoke, the darkness gone but the feeling of loathe still there. She ran into an unfamiliar tunnel. She then knew this was the tunnel in her dreams.
She picked up a two-handed sword. She knew that this is where many soldier died. She ran unaware of the demon in front of her. The walls close in to signal here final breath. She ran full force into the demon. She thought “just like in the dream I wonder why I screamed.” She felt it, she knew why she screamed. She felt the blade of this demented fiend piercing her skin. She let out an earth-shattering scream. She put up her sword and made a lucky strike to the back of the demons skull.
It all ended for her there. The pain of the demons sword made her black out. The walls closing in. If she didn’t move that would be it. Her life flashing before her eyes, then that was it. She felt the excruciating pain of the walls crushing her. She knew on that day July 21 2007 she died on her birthday.

An hour later 70 soldier marched down into the cave. The walked out with the sad news. The news crushed the king. For the entire kingdom had suffered the loss of princess Zelda.

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