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These hands are most deeply scarred
Do they hold some evidence
Of a childhood?
No, they don't, not at all
Love is there, inside of me
Oh so warm and filling
But this feeling does not replenish
The lost essence of innocence

These grasslands are luminous
With the morning cicadas in the air
And the light wind rustling the leaves
Sending a soft
Sweet message to me
But it was not always like this
The sky held red ever so still
And the coldness of the gray
Shattered my insides
Into the night, I roamed endlessly

Wandering got me nowhere
And because of my arrogance
I fell to the ground
With no sense of self

And I suddenly know
That there is such horror in reality
And no matter how gruesome
It may seem
It is real
It can happen

Recoiling, I try to run away
Try to brush it off
"How disgusting,
this can't happen. It's too...

My heart pounds with every thought
And my tears are so real
So wet
And even though this pain is something I cannot bear
It is something I must go through
Every day
All the time
And I just can't pretend anymore

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