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Desert nomads peek out
from under their tents,
and prepare to move along
to the other side
I have trouble moving because I still can't see
Why I love you

Crushing the world underneath your foot
But I still want you, all the more
Does this make me evil, too?
I wonder so very much

Eyes half open, the sun peeking out from
The first new rainclouds
Shrieks of delight
Rains have come to our desolate land
But I think
It's not something to be happy for
I think it means
You're gone

But then I see you
Is this an illusion? It must be
But the skin is so real
Raindrops glistening upon you, Your eyes
A deep red
The kind that
Doesn't mean any harm

I don't run to you
I don't want to
I'm afraid that you'll disappear
Once I reach out to touch you
And I will look
So foolish

But you come to me
Should I love you?
Should I hold you in my arms?
Will you return my feelings?

But you embrace me strongly
A warm enchanting presence about you
To my surprise
You hold a gentle look about you

And as the rain falls
We stand in the middle, embracing one another
The water drenching our bodies
But never our souls
And as a kiss comes forth
When our lips touch and melt
Warmth and happiness wraps us around
And I know
That this relationship between us
Shall never break

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